What’s Mom up to?!

She’s so busy … Completed all the projects I’d cut for her on my last visit including this little elephant quilt. She enjoys appliqué and has been making some of these quick little quilts with appliqué borders. I’ll post dimensions later but they turn out really cute. 

We also planned a bunch of new projects – I got 6 cut out for her and we ordered fabric for additional ones I’ll cut in July including a remake of this little 30’s quilt. The flower basket was in one of her books but she didn’t like the layout so I designed a new one for her. This quilt will go to my sister and she’s going to make a new one for herself.  Don’t you love the Baptist Fan quilting? I’m sure she’ll want that on the new one too – I’d better dust off my template. 


 I can’t wait to get back to some piecing myself. 

14 thoughts on “What’s Mom up to?!

  1. Florence

    How cute and happy your Mom looks! You are such a good, hard-working and supportive daughter!

  2. Cynde Stoakes

    That elephant quilt is SO CUTE! I don’t care for appliqué but I may have to make one! It would be an adorable baby quilt! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Donna

    Your Mother is a wonder! She raised a great daughter, good planning Mom!!

    Thank you for the info on her minkee baby blankets.

  4. Sandy K

    The elephant quilt is just darling. The print is so cute and bright. It is wonderful that your mom can still sew such cute things. You are a team cutting and sewing = beautiful quilts

  5. Angie Kiker

    Your Mom is amazing! She looks so happy in this photo, but she always does—you are so lucky to have her! And your a wonderful daughter too. Love the Elephant quilt! The Basket quilt is beautiful!

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