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We have a bed!

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We’ve been going nonstop all day – the movers arrived this morning and we’ve been organizing and unpacking. Chesty and I are tired and taking a break upstairs on the bed – yes, we’ll sleep tonight in our bed! 

Keith is an unpacking demon and is at work downstairs in the kitchen. My sewing room is set up and I plan to work on my bowtie blocks later this afternoon.  


You can tell that Chesty desperately needs grooming but as bad as he’s been feeling I haven’t wanted to take and leave him so I’ve got a mobile groomer coming to the house tomorrow. We’ll just shave him completely because he tolerates the heat better when he’s furless and let me tell you – it is hot and steamy these days in Tampa. I’ve already told Keith that next year I’m spending July at Big Canoe. It’s still hot but cooler there in the North GA mountains. 

My heart was set

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I’d already told Keith that I was going to take a little time today to sew once the furniture was delivered so I was pretty disappointed to find out that they weren’t delivering our stuff today as promised. I had to run to the post office to try and straighten out the mail issues and she offered to check to see if anything was being held and I came home with some mail along with a couple packages, one containing fabric and a couple kits from Craftsy.  

Do you buy kits? I’ve gotten in the habit of looking at the ones on clearance. At first for my Mom, but this year I’ve been buying some for myself. Since I live away from my stash, it’s nice to have everything all together when I get an unexpected chance to sew like today. I realized that I had my tying table, my machine, my cutting mat and rotary cutter here … So I set it all up and pulled out one of the Craftsy kits.  

Sometimes I just use the fabrics and chose a different block or design but today I decided to make bowties. I didn’t realize at first the block had a square appliqué over a 4 patch but I ran out to the closest store – Hancock Fabrics – and bought some fusible web.


All set and ready to sew

My machine jumped around on the table so I moved it down over the legs and slowed down and it wasn’t too bad but I’ll be glad when my sewing cabinet arrives tomorrow. 

I’ve got all the 4 patches made although there’s plenty of fabric so I’m considering making the quilt a little larger by adding extra blocks. First, I’ll applique the ones I’ve already sewn and then decide.  I tried a narrow zigzag first but didn’t like the way it looked so I’m using a blanket stitch. 


Unlike the movers, Verizon did show up as scheduled so we do have internet now!

This is handy

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I brought my rulers and rotary cutting mat over in the car — who knew they’d come in handy cutting shelf paper for the kitchen?! 


Chesty has to be in whatever room I’m in and goes looking for me if I walk away. Keith brought his bed into the kitchen while we were working but he couldn’t decide whether to nap in or out of it.  Thanks for sharing all your experiences with pets and kidney disease. We’re going to watch and wait for now but as I told many of you, we won’t let him suffer.  


We had our morning coffee on the porch – the mosquitos are bad and Keith was hot but we put the fan on out there and I sprayed OFF on myself and it was fine. I sat out for at least an hour. 

Roughing it

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Our furniture doesn’t arrive until Monday so we’re sleeping on the couch. Luckily, it’s a big sectional so there’s room for us both although Keith claimed the longer end.  He’s been whining a bit about it which is funny since he falls asleep on the couch EVERY night but I’ve been too tired to mind where I’m sleeping. 


Moving day!

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Are you tired of hearing about the move? I feel like it’s been my excuse for accomplishing nothing the last few months but the end is in sight. 

The movers should arrive within the hour and they’ll pack the clothes hanging in the closet and the dishes – everything else is is packed and ready.  


Chesty continues with his challenges. I’m curious if any of you have done long term subcutaneous fluids for pets with kidney disease? We’ve done them the last couple weeks just to get us through the move and our trip, first daily and then every other day and Keith and I are not planning to continue them because we don’t see much if any improvement and they’re causing multiple incontinence episodes in the house but the vet seems pretty insistent about the need to continue. 

We’ve made our decisions so I’m not looking to be convinced one way or the other but I am curious. 

Has anyone chosen NOT to give them if recommended? Anyone have experience doing them long term? 

Welcome home??!!

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After an exhausting day of travel, the fire alarm went off in the apartment at 11:45pm last night – just 10 minutes after we arrived home.  Still not sure what set the alarm off but we had to stand around outside for over 30 minutes while the fire department checked things out. 


The post office somehow managed to mess up my complicated mail situation …  I forwarded the Tampa mail here … Held the mail while we were in Europe … Requested the held mail be delivered yesterday … Official change of address is on Friday. Instead of all the accumulated mail, there was a note in the box that says our unit is vacant?!! I’m hoping they’ve just forwarded it all early to Tampa but I’ll have to run over to the post office to figure it out.


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It’s funny that both Keith and I grew up with cuckoo clocks in our homes … So while in Germany we decided to buy one of our own.  They’ll ship it directly to us in Tampa. Memories of our trip, memories of our childhood. How could we go wrong?!


If I haven’t mentioned it before, Keith was actually born in Nuremberg, his father was in the army and he moved back to the states when he was about 2 . Today we chose to do the WWII tour and I have to say we were a little disappointed. So much history here, but not so well presented.