Welcome home??!!

After an exhausting day of travel, the fire alarm went off in the apartment at 11:45pm last night – just 10 minutes after we arrived home.  Still not sure what set the alarm off but we had to stand around outside for over 30 minutes while the fire department checked things out. 


The post office somehow managed to mess up my complicated mail situation …  I forwarded the Tampa mail here … Held the mail while we were in Europe … Requested the held mail be delivered yesterday … Official change of address is on Friday. Instead of all the accumulated mail, there was a note in the box that says our unit is vacant?!! I’m hoping they’ve just forwarded it all early to Tampa but I’ll have to run over to the post office to figure it out.

5 thoughts on “Welcome home??!!

  1. Penny G

    Hope things get better fast!! The mail situation is tough. Did you do it online? If not I suggest the online option since you have a permanent record of your requests and their receipt of the requests.

  2. Florence

    So glad you had a safe and wonderful vacation! Mail changes are always nightmares — hope that doesn’t last.

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