Moving day!

Are you tired of hearing about the move? I feel like it’s been my excuse for accomplishing nothing the last few months but the end is in sight. 

The movers should arrive within the hour and they’ll pack the clothes hanging in the closet and the dishes – everything else is is packed and ready.  


Chesty continues with his challenges. I’m curious if any of you have done long term subcutaneous fluids for pets with kidney disease? We’ve done them the last couple weeks just to get us through the move and our trip, first daily and then every other day and Keith and I are not planning to continue them because we don’t see much if any improvement and they’re causing multiple incontinence episodes in the house but the vet seems pretty insistent about the need to continue. 

We’ve made our decisions so I’m not looking to be convinced one way or the other but I am curious. 

Has anyone chosen NOT to give them if recommended? Anyone have experience doing them long term? 

21 thoughts on “Moving day!

  1. Sandy

    My husband and I tried doing subcutaneous fluids at home on Tessa, our Sheltie. (We were given a quick lesson at the vet clinic.) Supposedly, giving a small amount of fluid each day at home would be better for the dog. She quickly learned how to move at just the right time to avoid the needle, and did not tolerate it well at all. She had so many other issues so ultimately the decision was made to euthanize.

  2. Laurie

    Disco had kidney problems. Like Chesty he did well for about a year. He also had high blood pressure and the blood pressure meds also helped his kidneys. But they started to get worse and he would get dizzy spells and then stopped eating. We made the decision to have him put down after a few days of seeing that his appetite was not going to return. We feel pretty strongly that we would rather make the decision a week early than a week too late with our dogs. We would rather have some quality of life at the end. He was 14.5 and had a great long healthy happy life so it was an easy decision and the vet did a great job and we were there and it was very peacful. He never recommended sub q fluids.

  3. Kelly Meyers

    When my yorkie first got sick we did SQ fluids since it was recommended by the vet and we were still looking for answers. We didn’t see any improvement and like you, we started seeing accidents in the house. I think our vet would have continued them for as long as possible but we didn’t feel like the end outcome was going to be any different. I think she had 10 or 12 SQ injections before we said no more. We had her for one last summer before she was just too sick. Hope Chesty is feeling better now that you are home again.

  4. Linda H

    Our beloved Sadie Anne (rescue) didn’t require SQ fluids but she developed a tumor on her liver. At first it was incontinence (which she never had) so we thought it was a UTI. Blood work revealed the tumor and since she was almost 12 (that we knew of) we elected NOT to have surgery because it would have been too hard on her. We elected instead to give her these vitamins which did ease the issues and give her about 6 month HAPPY months. At the very end it went quickly; she became uncomfortable and would snap at us once and awhile. Her eyes looked “flat” and she, we believe, was telling us that it was her wish to go to the Bridge. That was last August … we miss her. Every. Single. Day. In our hearts we know it was the right choice for HER and that is what you need to do for Chesty out of love for him. Prayers and thoughts are with you at this trying time. Good luck with the move … everything is almost over!

  5. Peggy Wall

    I gave my 12 year old cat fluids under the skin for kidney failure. it was every day. After 3 months I realized he had lost half of his body weight and I was prolonging his illness. He was one that it didn’t help. it does help so many. Maybe if we started it earlier but cats hide their symptoms. You will know when it’s time.

  6. Susie

    This is a difficult call. If my pet was suffering I would not continue. We would do whatever it would take to keep our beloved dog alive unless she was suffering. Since you travel so much I don’t think it’s fair to Chesty if he’s uncomfortable & in the care of someone else. But.. this is only my opinion. I will send prayers your way.

  7. Linda in NE

    I’m so sorry to hear of Chesty’s continuing health problems. I guess I would say that if his kidney’s are failing the long term treatment with the fluid injections would just be prolonging his suffering. I know you will do what is best for Chesty in the end and it sounds like you have already come to a decision.

  8. Becky Ball

    My daughter had a cat for 21 years. The last several weeks of her life my daughter gave her fluids until she (daughter) was ready to let go. That said, I tube fed (gastrostomy) the same cat when she was 14 years old – q 6 hours, for 6 weeks until her liver started working again. We knew then it was a limited disease. I wouldn’t have done it just to extend her life for as long as we could.

  9. Debbie

    On June 12 I had to send my almost 15 year old Lacy dog to the Rainbow Bridge for Kidney disease. We had just started sub Q, and like you I am a registered nurse so it was not that I couldn’t do it but that we didn’t see any improvement either. Her last night she had a siezure to top it off and we called it quits. We just couldn’t get her to eat which made it obvious to us that she was not feeling well. You and Keith have made the right call. Kidney disease in dogs is a fast moving train and at some point you just have to get off that ride. We started with home cooked kidney friendly foods and treats and medicines and accupuncture, but the fluids would have only prolonged her just not feeling well. Heart breaking for sure but you are a great pet mom and Chesty is a lucky dog.

  10. Des Hanlon

    Mary, I gave SQ fluids for several months to my old Jack Russell terrier Chester. I smile at your dogs name because my Mom always called him Chesty. It did prolong his life but I would not do it again to a dog with end stage renal failure. I wanted to give him every chance of survival because he was simply the best dog that I ever had the pleasure to know. My wise old Daddy always says that if you have one really good dog in your life you are the luckiest person in the world. I have been reading your blog for a long time & I know that you & Chesty fit that description.

  11. Denise Porter

    Makes me wonder if the vet wants you to continue the injections as it is money into their pocket/clinic? If it was me, I would let Chesty live as long as possible if he’s not in too much discomfort. If he is, then you have to bite the bullet… hubby had a dog when we got together and when poor Skippy got too sick he couldn’t bring himself to deal with it so I was sent to the vet…. never again. We decided no more pets as dogs live about 15 yrs. and if the kids got another one, we’d be looking after it and they’d be away from home. I still miss old Skippy and that was 3 years ago. They are part of the family and we get so attached. Sorry you’re going through this situation…. good luck with the move…. Hope you can stay in one spot for a while….

  12. Megan

    Mary – Not tired of hearing about the move. It’s a Big Deal to move house, especially since it hasn’t been all that long since the last one. Hope it all goes well.

    Sydney, Australia

  13. Brenda in Cape Town

    Sorry your move and problems with Chesty are coinciding … makes life much more difficult. You know Chesty the best so whatever you decide will be right for him x

  14. Grace

    I had a cat who had SQ injections 3 times a week. On the other days, I would force feed water at home (with syringe). Even though I knew my cat was in misery and hated the treatments at the vet and at home, I just could not bring myself to end his life. I knew he would never get better but continued the SQ treatments for about 2 months. My vet said that the SQ treatments were keeping my cat alive but that nothing would cure the kidney problems. I am sorry to read about Chesty, and I know exactly what you are going through right now. Very tough times!

  15. Deb Praus


    NOT tired of hearing about the move.
    I am keeping you all in my heart as you go through this tough period with Chesty. We chose not to do the fluids for some of the same reasons and still do not regret it. You will know when it is time. Still miss our Jassmine, 10 years later but could not let her go on like that. She would look at us when she had an “accident” with such embarrassment. They got more frequent and honestly, were taking a toll on the floors. It was time. We are not given guarantees in life but when we have a pet member of the family, there is a good chance that we will outlive them. We love them while we have them and know we have given them a good life. Hugs and thoughts as you travel this part of your journey.


  16. shirley schepers

    I empathize with your difficult decision. When our Bichon was diagnosed with bladder cancer we made our decisions based on quality of life versus quantity of life but that does not make the process any easier. I try to dwell on the 12 years of unconditional afffection he gave us rather than the last few months of his life. Do hope that the rest of your move and transition in your new home goes smoothly.

  17. sara

    Lots on your plate these days and dealing with an ill pet just adds to it. Sadly, we have been through this part of the journey many times, and we try to ask ourselves if the treatments we are doing are for the animal or for ourselves. Ultimately, we all have to decide when it is time to let go, and that is a rough rough time. But, as others have said, focus on the years and years of joy and love

    Hang in there

  18. Sharon Jones

    Not tired about hearing about your move. Think most of us had some experience in moving, eeeek.
    Mybheart goes out to you and Chesty. I went through a similar situation back in 2012, with my beloved Pepsi, (furry black cat), she was fourteen and a half years, very sad and distressing. Hugs from Australia. xo

  19. Dona

    I do not get tired listening to you talk about the move. It is an exciting time.

    We just went through this with one of our cats. She stopped eating and was diagnosed with kidney failure. They tried everything to make her eat and also did some forced feeding. Nothing helped her and we hated to see her suffer. It has just been a week but I miss her. Good luck this decision. It is very difficult

  20. carolyn

    I gave my cat subcutaneous fluids for about a week and she fought me every step of the way. On the last day, Christmas, she fought, arched her back and died as I was administering the fluids. I’m certain that she was so upset it threw her into cardiac arrest and she died. I’ll never put myself or an animal through that again. If it’s necessary, I’ll have the vet do it.

  21. Debra

    Never tire of hearing about your move. I have not had to administer the SQ fluids however our last boy began having seizures at the age of 15. He seemed fine after the seizure was over but my husband and I both worked at the time and could not bear the thought of him seizing at home alone so after the third one over a weekend we decided what we needed to do. The vet agreed the seizures would not lesten and so we stayed with Sam while the vet put him happily and comfortably to sleep. Sam loved visiting the vets so it was an easy trip there a horrible trip home. You will know when it is time for Chesty. He will tell you. We waited a year and then when to the Humane Society to find our next baby a year and a half old (Shadow) who is now 12 years old.

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