This is handy

I brought my rulers and rotary cutting mat over in the car — who knew they’d come in handy cutting shelf paper for the kitchen?! 


Chesty has to be in whatever room I’m in and goes looking for me if I walk away. Keith brought his bed into the kitchen while we were working but he couldn’t decide whether to nap in or out of it.  Thanks for sharing all your experiences with pets and kidney disease. We’re going to watch and wait for now but as I told many of you, we won’t let him suffer.  


We had our morning coffee on the porch – the mosquitos are bad and Keith was hot but we put the fan on out there and I sprayed OFF on myself and it was fine. I sat out for at least an hour. 

12 thoughts on “This is handy

  1. Angie Kiker

    Just from the few photos, your new home looks big! Love the tile floors. Chesty looks comfy half in, half out of his bed. The tile probably feels cool to him. Great use of your cutting mat!

  2. Florence

    Rotary cutting shelf paper is the quickest and most accurate way to go. Chesty looks so cute! Hope the movers come early tomorrow and you can enjoy sleeping in your own bed in your new home!

  3. girl in the stix

    Such a cute pic of you and Chesty. Our old dachshund has to have my husband in line of sight at all times, even when he’s in the bathroom. Wishing you the best with your little guy!

  4. Ruth

    Here in Papua New Guinea the mosquitoes are terrible. The locals plant lemongrass around the houses and swear that it keeps them at bay.

  5. Susan

    I like this picture of you and Chesty. He’s getting a head start by being half in/half out of his bed in case you leave the room!

  6. Kim

    I’ve been known to use my rotary cutter and ruler to cut gift wrap! Now I’ll use it for my shelf liner too. Thanks for the tip. Chesty looks pretty happy there helping you move in! 😀

  7. carolyn

    I’m so sorry about Chesty, I’m catching up on my reading. It’s hard, but you’ll know what to do when the time comes. We just had to put our Daisy down, she was only 5. We’ve put down plenty of dogs and it was always hard, but they were old and had lived long lives. Daisy was so much harder because she was young. One day she was fine and in the course of 3 days she was gone. I miss her but know it was the only decision we could have made. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. Bonnie in Va

    Chesty reminds me of my Raggs, the black and white cocker — he, too, lies half in and half out of his bed. It makes my body ache just looking at him. I keep a separate rotary cutter just for cutting paper and odd things. I hope you are able to keep Chesty comfortable for a long time. He’s such a cutie.

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