My heart was set

I’d already told Keith that I was going to take a little time today to sew once the furniture was delivered so I was pretty disappointed to find out that they weren’t delivering our stuff today as promised. I had to run to the post office to try and straighten out the mail issues and she offered to check to see if anything was being held and I came home with some mail along with a couple packages, one containing fabric and a couple kits from Craftsy.  

Do you buy kits? I’ve gotten in the habit of looking at the ones on clearance. At first for my Mom, but this year I’ve been buying some for myself. Since I live away from my stash, it’s nice to have everything all together when I get an unexpected chance to sew like today. I realized that I had my tying table, my machine, my cutting mat and rotary cutter here … So I set it all up and pulled out one of the Craftsy kits.  

Sometimes I just use the fabrics and chose a different block or design but today I decided to make bowties. I didn’t realize at first the block had a square appliqué over a 4 patch but I ran out to the closest store – Hancock Fabrics – and bought some fusible web.


All set and ready to sew

My machine jumped around on the table so I moved it down over the legs and slowed down and it wasn’t too bad but I’ll be glad when my sewing cabinet arrives tomorrow. 

I’ve got all the 4 patches made although there’s plenty of fabric so I’m considering making the quilt a little larger by adding extra blocks. First, I’ll applique the ones I’ve already sewn and then decide.  I tried a narrow zigzag first but didn’t like the way it looked so I’m using a blanket stitch. 


Unlike the movers, Verizon did show up as scheduled so we do have internet now!

11 thoughts on “My heart was set

  1. Sara F

    Darling blocks. I do occasionally buy kits too when I find a good bargain. Or when I see something that is totally irresistable. And I’ve also purchased a kit just for the fabrics and not the pattern.

    Hope your furniture all arrives in good shape tomorrow. On our last move we had to wait 3 days for furniture and made do with a couple of folding chairs and a card table.

  2. kate

    so cool – and how happy little Chesty looks !

    Sometimes I buy cut-price kits just for the fabric – it’s often as little as $3.00 – $4.00 a yard when the kits are on a big sale… and it’s coordinated, whether I want to make that particular pattern or not.

  3. Ann

    How perfect that you had everything you needed to make a complete set of quilt blocks! I like the blanket stitch on the appliqued center block. I am sure hoping that your furniture arrives tomorrow and you’re mail is all straightened out. Chesty looks like he’s not minding his new home at all. Hopefully this will be the last move for a good long time.

  4. Kathie L

    I also sometimes buy kits for the fabric. I’ve admired that polka dot quilt kit, and like what you did for the ‘knot’. Good luck as your move continues.

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