We have a bed!

We’ve been going nonstop all day – the movers arrived this morning and we’ve been organizing and unpacking. Chesty and I are tired and taking a break upstairs on the bed – yes, we’ll sleep tonight in our bed! 

Keith is an unpacking demon and is at work downstairs in the kitchen. My sewing room is set up and I plan to work on my bowtie blocks later this afternoon.  


You can tell that Chesty desperately needs grooming but as bad as he’s been feeling I haven’t wanted to take and leave him so I’ve got a mobile groomer coming to the house tomorrow. We’ll just shave him completely because he tolerates the heat better when he’s furless and let me tell you – it is hot and steamy these days in Tampa. I’ve already told Keith that next year I’m spending July at Big Canoe. It’s still hot but cooler there in the North GA mountains. 

10 thoughts on “We have a bed!

  1. Nancy Brodeur

    oh…. he looks happy to have a bed! The place is starting to look like home to him. The mobile groomer sounds perfect. Enjoy.
    NancyB in AZ

  2. selina

    congratulations on having your bed back with you. GReat idea having a groomer come to him. He looks like he is a bit more relaxed.

  3. Sherrill

    Poor little Chesty boy. I’ve been noticing how scraggly he was looking but thought that’s the least of his worries and he’s still so adorably even in an ‘ungroomed state’. HA Doing at home sounds like a great idea, much easy on him. So happy you guys have your bed.

  4. Sara F

    He’ll be very handsome after the groomer gets done with him. We usually have our long-haired cat shaved for summer too. But didn’t this year because of his age and how upset it makes him to go. Wish we had a mobile groomer available around here. That might be a great solution.

    You will all be glad to sleep in your own bed tonight and to have your household taking shape again.

  5. Ann

    Happy to hear you will be sleeping in your own bed. Nothing better. I love the quilt on your bed. Is it one of your own patterns? It’s beautiful. Stay cool.

  6. Florence

    I’m so happy for the 3 of you! I’m sure you will all just CRASH into a well deserved, very sound sleep tonight!

  7. Jeane

    If I ever have to move I want to hire you Mary, I could never sail through a move like you do. Great to see some furniture in your new home. Chesty will love a hair cut when it’s hot and he looks a pretty happy boy. Have a great rest tonight!

  8. Debra

    Glad you have your furniture and especially your sewing room set up. Be sure to give us a tour of your new home when your all unpacked.

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