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Tours are great but …

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We’re not ones to go on guided tours every day … We like the option of going on some tours and wandering around on our own on some days. Today was a quiet day for us. First we enjoyed the scenery as we cruised to the next town … 


There’s a very nice deck with comfortable chairs and while it’s been cool, they have very warm blankets to wrap up in. It turned into a rather wet day but we haven’t let the weather ruin our time here. Once we docked, we walked along the river.  


And ended up at a beer garden … Our waitress didn’t speak any English but with the help of google translate and another patron who spoke a little English, we managed to order beer, wieners with mustard, and salad with potatoes!  We had a tent over our table that kept us nice and dry. 



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The bike paths along the Danube are wonderful and makes me really miss all the biking we did in Minneapolis too. Today we did a 17 mile ride and met the ship in Passau.  


I was missing my pedal assist bike before we were done … but it was gorgeous and I’m so glad I participated. 


We crossed the Inn River coming into Passau as we headed for the boat docked on the Danube. 


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I can’t even pronounce the names of some of the places we’re visiting…I blame it on my southern accent but we’re having fun … And relaxing … And learning a thing or two. 



On our way

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At the Miami airport waiting for our flight to NY where we’ll travel to Vienna via Paris …. It will be a long day but we’re excited to be on our way.  


Chris flew into Ft Lauderdale at 1 AM and is staying at the apartment for a couple days … We left him with Chesty this morning and he texted us that all is well.  


More of the same

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There’s not much to blog about these days … My life revolves around move related tasks, preparing to leave on our trip to Europe on Friday, and dealing with a sick dog. 

Yes, Chesty is still struggling. The GI bleeding resolved but then he started vomiting and stopped eating. His kidney disease has advanced and the vet has him on daily SQ fluids through the end of the week and starting next week, he’ll go in every other day while we’re gone. 
When we first found out Chesty had kidney disease about a year ago I did a lot of research and Keith and I talked about how aggressive we were willing to get with his treatment. We both agreed that daily or every other day SQ fluids were more aggressive than we wanted to be but we’re getting ready to travel and will be gone for 11 days so for now we’re doing them and when we get back and get through the move, we will reassess. I have to say they made a big difference in how Chesty was feeling which is positive but I just don’t see us doing this longterm. We’ve got some hard choices coming up.