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On our way

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At the Miami airport waiting for our flight to NY where we’ll travel to Vienna via Paris …. It will be a long day but we’re excited to be on our way.  


Chris flew into Ft Lauderdale at 1 AM and is staying at the apartment for a couple days … We left him with Chesty this morning and he texted us that all is well.  


More of the same

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There’s not much to blog about these days … My life revolves around move related tasks, preparing to leave on our trip to Europe on Friday, and dealing with a sick dog. 

Yes, Chesty is still struggling. The GI bleeding resolved but then he started vomiting and stopped eating. His kidney disease has advanced and the vet has him on daily SQ fluids through the end of the week and starting next week, he’ll go in every other day while we’re gone. 
When we first found out Chesty had kidney disease about a year ago I did a lot of research and Keith and I talked about how aggressive we were willing to get with his treatment. We both agreed that daily or every other day SQ fluids were more aggressive than we wanted to be but we’re getting ready to travel and will be gone for 11 days so for now we’re doing them and when we get back and get through the move, we will reassess. I have to say they made a big difference in how Chesty was feeling which is positive but I just don’t see us doing this longterm. We’ve got some hard choices coming up. 

Chesty update

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We had a tough week with Chesty but he’s doing a bit better now – well enough to ride over to Tampa with me tomorrow to check on things, we’ll spend one night and come home after I go to the post office and see if I can resolve our mailbox issue. 

We were at the vet yesterday for the 3rd time in 3 weeks. He’s got something going on that’s causing him to be restless and he’s in some discomfort. In the middle of trying to figure out what, he had some GI bleeding (black tarry stools) that could be from stomach ulcers or based on an X-ray from 3 weeks ago, he could have an intestinal tumor. The bleeding seems resolved for now (new med) and he’s going to have an U/S on Thursday.  We head out of town Friday but between Keith’s nephew and the vet, we think Chesty will be well cared for … I just hate to leave when he’s not feeling well. 


Gray or is it Grey?

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According to my search both are correct but gray is more commonly used in the US and that’s the spelling I use.

I’ve been collecting them for almost a year intending to use them as scrappy backgrounds in few quilts if I ever get back to piecing. You know how that goes, I’ll collect them for a year and spend the next 10 years trying to use them up! I’d show you some of mine but they’re packed – a search for gray quilting fabrics pulls up some pretty ones.


Maja shared a link to a quilt she made using my Forest Bricks pattern in shades of greens and grays that was lovely. 

So have you used grays in a quilt? As a background? I’d love to see a photo if you have one or a link to one. 


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I confess that my genealogy research has fallen by the wayside this past year … I do a little here and there but no dedicated time. I do read (or skim) the newsletter from NEHGS that arrives in my email and in today’s email one of the items that caught my attention was a surname search. The example on their blog used a German site and a Irish one and I thought I’d take a look. 

I looked up my maiden name – McLaughlin on the IrishTimes site. The highest concentration of McLaughlin’s shows up in Donegal where my grandfather was born and raised. 

I was able to follow links to another Irish genealogy site and pull up a birth record for my grandfather. I’d already found his birth record a few years ago but I’m saving this information here in this post so I can go back and look at other family surnames when I have more time. I’ve also got a German ancestor of Keith’s that I haven’t had much luck with so maybe looking at where he might have come from will move me further along in my research. 

How to Unsubscribe

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Those of you that get my blog post sent right to your email may not not be aware that there’s a link at the very bottom to unsubscribe. If you don’t like my content then just stop reading the blog – it’s that simple.  I’ve responded to Helen that she should go ahead and use that unsbscribe link.  

My blog is my journal and I’ll post what I want. Yesterday I wanted my journal to reflect a peaceful birthday spent reading by the pool in the midst of all the other turmoil in my life. 

A lazy day

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I’m gifting myself a lazy day today for my birthday. No move related tasks and hopefully Chesty will have a quiet day. It started off well with me sleeping late and then Keith bringing me a cup of coffee in bed. Chesty curled up beside me and fell back asleep too.  I might get a pedicure later and read down by the pool then Keith has promised me dinner out at a favorite Italian place. I’ll round out the evening with some knitting. I’m making slow progress on the big red shawl and it won’t be finished by our trip but I’m OK with that. 


I don’t mind getting older … YET … But sometimes I wonder about my memory. All though the house hunting and buying process I checked on numerous things about the locations we were looking at including flood zones but for some reason checking evacuation zones never occurred to me. We lived in FL for years and none of our homes were in an evacuation zone. The new townhouse is in what they call Zone C in Hillsborough County which means we’d need to evacuate for a Category 3 storm. I guess we’d better get a plan because it won’t be easy with Chesty. 

On the list 

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I love Churn Dash quilts and have collected photos of them in the past for inspiration. This one from eBay is a favorite – I love how scrappy it is. 

Here’s another recent one from eBay. The reds are great but I think I like the first one best. 

The only Churn dash blocks I’ve made are the ones in my Churn Dash and Stars quilt. Instructions are at the link above but PLEASE read them carefully if you choose to make the quilt. I had a recent email asking for help after someone used the paper piece pattern for the star points even though it wasn’t the correct size when she printed it. Adobe Reader will scale down documents for printing so you ALWAYS need to choose to print them at 100% and measure them before you piece. If it doesn’t print at the correct size, you’re obviously going to have problems when it comes time to assemble the quilt so please heed the warning that says measure your printout!

More drama

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Enjoying a glass of wine on the deck this evening after a couple worrisome days … 

Chesty’s having health issues again and we’re about 10 days from going out of the country for 2 weeks so I’m trying to get the problem diagnosed and the treatment set up. Will have to change my boarding arrangements due to his complicated medication and feeding schedule and my worry about complications while we’re gone …. He has the worse timing!

I have managed to knit a some yesterday and today which helps a little with my stress levels as does the wine on the deck!