Cast on

I’m traveling tomorrow so I cast on a new scarf. I love this green/purple colorway. This is just my second project in Wollmeise and I’m trying to be less picky about the projects that are Wollmeise worthy since I’ve collected quite a bit of it. The project is simple, free, and takes just one skein. 

Pattern: Be Simple – variation 

Needle size – US 6

Yarn – Wollmeise Pure, fingering weight 


I really, really need to get a several of my finished projects blocked. That seems to be my stumbling point in my knitting. I know that some of you don’t block but I’ve got 2-3 that NEED blocking to open up the lace. 

3 thoughts on “Cast on

  1. Florence

    I love those colors together, too. Have a safe trip! Hope you don’t have to travel alone.

  2. Nancy

    Safe travel!

    Blocking is a chore that I really don’t like to do, but like you state, it’s important for lace knitting.

  3. LInda

    If you wanted to knit this as a prayer shawl would you knit it the same way just longer or would you change anything?

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