On my design wall

I wa overly optimistic when I thought I’d finish these blocks before my trip tomorrow. I have 25 done and the stripsets are made for the last 10 blocks but they’ll have to wait until I get home next week after my visit to Mom.

I’m using the fabric I have here and don’t have access to my stash so I’m not sure about those lighter blue blocks. If I was in GA, I’d probably stick to darker blues but since I’m not, I’m debating whether to line those light ones up in a row like I have them here or to scatter them. There are two more blocks that use the lighter blue so I’ll make them them first and decide when I have all the blocks up there. 


It feels so good to be making spending time with my knitting and quilting and making progress. 

12 thoughts on “On my design wall

  1. Penny G

    The scrappy feel the lights give it is amazing, but I understand the how to distribute question. It is one I ask myself constantly. You have great color sense so you will figure it out. It all depends on what you end up liking. I hope things go well on the visit.

  2. Marky

    Take a hint from the antique quilts you admire. There were unexpected colors in them because the maker used what she had and did not get caught up in perfect matches. That didn’t detract from the quilts but added to their charm.

  3. grace thorne

    i like it a lot…can see it in lots of different colorways and esp scrappy too…

  4. Laurie Gathje

    My first grandchild (boy) is due in 7 weeks or so. I found some fabric that is PERFECT for his baby quilt today. The color scheme for the nursery is grey, navy with orange accents. I’m making a quilt for the
    “nursing” chair because it’s too boring on its own, and then a baby quilt for the baby! I was in a funk until I found the focus fabric…today I made 160 HST’s for the throw quilt for the chair! It felt so good to be back at the machine!!

    Love the RWB quilt! Enjoy your visit with your mom. I miss mine…she’s been gone for 23 years now.

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