Mom and I have been busy this week … So much so that I’ve not gotten around to posting. We’ve got two kits cut and set aside, we shopped for backings for the tops she pieced since my last visit, and along with some other shopping we stopped at the cemetery to put some flowers on Dad’s grave.  


We’ve also been cleaning out and decluttering – Mom’s been in the house for 53 years and while she’s not nearly as much of a packrat as I am, there’s a lot to go through. Here’s one item that I’ll be taking home with me later this year when I drive up – a quilt pieced by my grandmother and hand quilted by my Aunt Dot. I love it!


Mom also had a couple old cross stitch pillows she was going to throw out but I took them. I have a basket quilt that she’s made for me that is waiting for quilting and I think I can use one of them on the back. I just hate to throw away anything handmade!

8 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Florence

    What a very special treasure! I keep checking in waiting to see what your Mom has been working on — I’m in awe of her applique. Glad you are having a great week!

  2. Deb Praus

    Love the quilt, I would have given it a home also. I have sheet sets embroidered by my Grandmother that don’t fit any bed we have yet still hang on to them. Take them out once in a while to wash them and just hold them to remember……

  3. Sara F

    That quilt is a wonderful treasure and you will enjoy having it. Your idea to put the embroidered pillow pieces on the back of the basket quilt is inspired. Someday your grandkids will be able to enjoy these family heirlooms that you have rescued.

  4. Sherrill

    It’s good to start the cleaning/decluttering process now and do it a little at a time. It’s not fun to do anytime but especially not when you HAVE to!!

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