Working girls

I put Mom to work today on her flying geese blocks as I started cutting out her basket quilt. There are tons of ways to make flying geese but we love using the Eleanor Burns rulers to make 4 at a time.  


My boys always had chores growing up and it looks like Chris is assigning Rae chores early too.  


5 thoughts on “Working girls

  1. Helen

    I tried making flying geese the “Eleanor Burns” way and made a big mess. Ah well. The fabric looks good and bright, and your mother looks happy!


  2. Kim

    New subscriber here. Your mom looks very sweet (miss mine). Fons & Porter’s magazine has an easy way to make 4 geese at a time without special gear; probably available on their website if anyone is interested. Noticed you have posted consistently for 10 years this coming December! You need to have a linky party or some kind of celebration! Best wishes.

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