We arrived in Arlington today and will attend Keith’s Mom’s funeral tomorrow. Becky and Rae won’t attend the funeral but Chris took them out to Arlington National Cemetery today to see his grandfather’s grave site (or niche) where his grandmother will be laid to rest tomorrow. I know how much it means to Keith to be surrounded by family as he buries his mother. 


Rae also played and read and cuddled with her Gram and Pop.  


We spent some time talking about our memories and since we’re sharing photos of Rae, this is one of my favorite photos of Keith’s Mom from this last year – Chris, Becky, and Rae were visiting us in FL. I love how Shirl and Rae are looking at each other. 


And since we’re saying goodbye to both Chesty and Keith’s Mom this week – here’s another favorite photo of mine from this past year.  


We’re also lucky that we’ll get to see my Mom while we’re here thanks to my sister driving down and bringing Mom to her house and then hosting us all on Saturday. I know Mom’s happy to be able to see Keith, Rae, Chris and Becky (me she sees all the time) and Rae’s thrilled that she gets to see HER granny! Unfortunately for my family, Adam has to go home right after the funeral. 

10 thoughts on “Together

  1. Deb Praus

    Will be thinking of you all as you walk through this time in the “seasons” of life. I hope that the laughs will outshine the grief and the memories will carry you.

  2. Penny G

    I find the celebration of the life with the pictures and story telling a much better depiction of funerals in our family. Sharing the good memories makes the loss bearable.

  3. Carol in MN

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and know that little Chesty will be missed greatly by your blog readers. He was a sweet and devoted companion.

  4. Debra

    Lovely photos of Keith, his Mom, Chesty and the rest of family. Enjoy your time with them. It will be an awful lonely house to go home to.

  5. Angie Kiker

    Lovely photos and memories. Condolences to Keith and you. It’s a sad week, but I’m glad some of the family can be with you both.

  6. Ann

    My thoughts are there with you and Keith as you make your way through this difficult time. The smiling photos are indeed good reminders of happier days.

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