My sister Ann and her her husband Jamie joined us at Arlington for Keith’s Mom’s funeral today and she’s driving down to Newport News tomorrow to pick up Mom so she can visit with us on Saturday. My sister Maureen will also drive here to see us.  They both visited me with Mom at Big Canoe a couple years ago.


They also visited me in GA last October so Mom could meet Adam’s new baby, her newest great grandchild at the time ( My nephew’s twins are the newest now). We’re the youngest of the 6 children in the family and along with my brother Kevin, I feel a special bond with them.  


6 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Mary

    I just read your three posts as I’m behind with emails. My comment on the first post was going to be great photos, smiles, and loving memories. Thank you for sharing Arlington with us. Your husband must feel so proud of his parents to be at Arlington with so many other giving Americans. Then seeing your sisters and mother, I again thought about how special it is to share these times with family and to record them with photos. You, your sisters, and mom have great smiles, too, and nice to see Chesty.

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