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I certainly don’t need to add more quilts to my list of those I want to make but I can’t resist looking at antique quilts on eBay. 

Love these stars and the sashing.   

I have a basket quilt that Mom pieced for me that needs quilting but love this one too. Kind of plain with the setting squares but it does appeal to me. 

Speaking of simple, how about some squares? I love the pink and green color scheme and want to make another quilt in these colors. 

Rectangles … Just a one block quilt but gorgeous. 

I have a couple courthouse steps quilts on my list … Including one like this in solid blocks of color


Talented friends

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I love so much of what Vicki creates and posts on her blog but I especially love that she creates glass that I can purchase! My first purchase was this small dish that sits in my entry hall on the table. I toss my sunglasses and Chapstick on it, whatever I want to pick up quickly on the way out of the house.  I love how it shimmers and catches the light. 


Recently Vicki was posting on the blog the results of her bottle slumping …. As a big consumer of wine, I sooooooo wanted a couple slumped wine bottles and they arrived today. 

They’re like small trays …. I haven’t decide where I will use them yet but I love them. Look at the swirls she made in this one. 

If you ever have a chance to buy any of her glassware I’d highly recommend it. She also hand dyes some amazing fabric. Even if you’re not in the market for glassware or hand dyed fabric, check out her blog. She is very inspiring!

Cutting Table

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Thanks for the suggestions for raising the table for cutting but I won’t keep using this one for cutting, I don’t know if it’s because it folds up or if it’s just the way it’s made but it dips down some in the center so it’s not completely level across the top. 

I’m a creature of of habit in many ways and from 2002 until the last year, I used the buffet shown below as my cutting table. When we bought the Marietta house, we bought the dining room furniture from the previous owners because it fit the space perfectly and it was in good condition. We swapped out this one piece with a wine hutch we’d brought with us and it was the right height for cutting, had the perfect amount of space on top and storage below so it became my cutting table and I used it for 12 years. Since the move last year, it’s lived at Big Canoe and my hope is to find something similar for here.


I looked at IKEA thinking maybe a kitchen island would work or maybe even a kitchen cabinet but I have to go into the store to check it out and see if I find something I like. 

My work triangle 

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Just like in the kitchen, having a work triangle set up in the sewing room is efficient. I go from the sewing machine, to the iron, to the temporary cutting table (I need one that is counter height eventually) and all are just a few steps from each other.  


So tell me why Chesty has to get up and reposition each time I move from one to the other?! He could easily sit in this spot and be close me no matter where I am.  I’m sitting at the sewing machine here ….


I get up to press …. 


…and then head over to the cutting table to subcut my strips into segments. Yep, he moves again. 

Unlike some quilters who do a lot of chain piecing, I tend to work in small batches. I did make strip sets for several blocks before starting to piece my blocks but then I piece one block at a time. This allows me to make decisions about what fabrics to use more often or less and I make changes as I go along. Plus, I just like putting blocks up on the design wall and admiring them.  For Chesty, that means a lot of up and down and position changing because he insists on being right at my side (or under my feet) especially in the last few months when he’s been struggling more with the kidney disease. 


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I would say I probably watch TV less than a lot of people but there are things I enjoy watching. Keith and I always get into major sporting events like the Olympics and the Tour de France and I’m enjoying sitting in front of the TV each night and watching the race while I knit.  It’s like background music until they get toward the end of each segment  (unless they have a crash) and then I put the needles down and watch the finish intently. 


Some might say it’s the cause not the result, but I also tend to watch some programs on my iPad late at night when I can’t sleep – I keep headphones by the bed so I don’t disturb Keith – and I just finished watching the 6 seasons of Justified. There’s nothing I like better than finding a good series that I haven’t seen and then watching it straight through … Now it did take me several months but no reruns or waiting for the new season to start, how great is that?! I do a lot of online shopping and pay for Amazon Prime rather than pay shipping each time I order something and their Prime Instant Video is a nice little bonus. 

Now that I’ve finished Justified, I’ll have to find another one to watch – what’s your favorite?

Thank you

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I don’t think I was fully aware of why I felt the need to post yesterday until after I started getting responses in from you all. 

I do think funerals/memorials are an opportunity to celebrate the person and that there doesn’t have to be just one acceptable way to do it but I guess because I share things on my blog, I feel like I’m leaving myself open to being judged and I took this opportunity to explain our circumstances a little. While I feel strongly about making decisions that are right for us rather than conforming to what others think we should do, being judged is uncomfortable so I guess I wanted you all to understand when you saw us attending the funeral one day but on the same trip taking time to enjoy DC and our family. 

I’ve emailed many of you individually but I also wanted to thank everyone here for taking time to comment and to be supportive – the experiences that you all shared with me were helpful and interesting.

Proper attire

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I debated making this post because it seems to be one of those things that people have strong opinions about but decided to anyway. Feel free to respectfully disagree with me if you’re so inclined.

My ‘funeral dress’ is at Big Canoe – it’s a navy blue, below the knee, sleeveless dress with a small short sleeve jacket – and it’s 12+ years old – so today, I went shopping for a new dress to wear to Keith’s Mom’s funeral at the end of the month. 

The funeral is July 30, in Arlington VA. She is being laid to rest with Keith’s father who was interred at Arlington National Cemetery exactly 10 years ago to the month. (He was buried with full military honors and it was a very moving experience). It will be hotter than heck and we will be walking a distance. Keith and his brothers have decided to wear dark, short sleeve polo shirts with dress slacks and shoes rather than suits and while you might think that is disrespectful, his mother would be fine with them not sweltering in suits in 90+ degree heat. As for me, my dress is not completely black and I will not be wearing hose but I will also be dressed respectfully.  I searched the Arlington site to see if there were any guidelines about proper dress codes for funerals and didn’t see any but in their videos showing what to expect, they show families dress much more casually than we will be.  


Having the funeral 4 months after a loved one’s passing is a strange experience.  The boys are attending the funeral and I have family in the area that we’ll visit while we’re there. We’ll be in Washington DC and will visit some of the sites too. It will be weird to go to a funeral one day and take Rae to the zoo the next. You may think we’re uncaring or unemotional but we’re not. The immediate grief has passed and in the case of Keith’s Mom who suffered for years with Alzheimer’s, the relief that she’s no longer suffering is our prevailing emotion. Keith loved and cared for her while she was alive and we’ll be there to respectfully lay her to rest with his father.  


Off my needles

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I’m trying to get back in the habit of knitting a little each day. The Tour de France helps but the last two days I knit at night after Keith went to bed rather than when we were watching the tour and I finished my Lace Ribbon Scarf. It’s a free pattern and you can find it via this Ravelry link

This one definitely will need blocking to open up the lace and I love the pattern of the lace and the color of the yarn.  


Megan asked what I was going to do with my knitted items now that we’re living in FL and I answered that I hoped to wear some knitted lace items like this scarf and some of my shawls especially those knit in cotton here in Tampa but I’ll also be able to wear some of the warmer items when I travel or when we’re up at Big Canoe. 

Are you sewing today?

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I just love starting a new quilt. I kept disappearing to the sewing room yesterday and I’ve already told Keith to expect to find me there this afternoon!

I’ve had a few questions about the Rail Fence so I wrote up some notes and posted them on my website. You can find them at this link:  RWB Rail Fence. Keep in mind, I just started my quilt yesterday so if something doesn’t make sense, ask me about it but it’s a pretty simple quilt so I think I’ve got all the details written correctly. 

I seem to be obsessed with leftovers trimmed from strip sets these days. Remember these? Both of those little quilts were made from 16 patch quilts.  


I’m saving the leftover bits from my stripsets and trimming them to 2.5 inches and I’ll have another little doll quilt.