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We’ve had a quiet few days. Mom had some surgery on her hands Thursday but she’s doing great and we were able to take off the big bulky bandages yesterday. I worked on Samantha’s scarf in the waiting room and have been making other progress on my list too.  

  • Progress has been made on the knit scarf. 
  • The crochet bunny is done and waiting for a face – I started a pig too. 
  • The basket quilt is bound. 
  • I’ve finished the cutting on one of the quilts she’s working on. 

 More cutting and knitting on the schedule for today. 

House and tree quilt

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I made a little mini quilt several years ago to demonstrate an idea to Habitat for Humanity and I’ve been wanting to make expand the idea into a house and tree quilt. The concept is simple … Squares and flying geese for the houses, hearts on some of the houses and of course trees for the neighborhood too! I’ve got a lot on my plate the rest of the year and I doubt this one will make it from the drawing board to the sewing machine in that time but I wanted to capture my idea quickly and maybe I’ll have time to make it next year. 


It was a tough job

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It was a tough job so I had Keith do it – after I gathered up Chesty’s spare leashes and harnesses, the multiple food and water bowls, the beds, the crates, the meds, Keith took them all over to the Humane Society of Tampa today where they’ll be put to good use. I kept a small bag of his most used things and tucked it up in a corner of my closet. 

They were so nice to Keith and grateful for the donation that I’m going to send them a check in Chesty’s memory. I’ll admit that for the most part I donate to human causes versus animal causes but like donating in my dad’s memory, and in Keith’s parents memory in their birth months, I’m going to continue the tradition and make an annual donation to the Humane Society in Chesty’s memory. 



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If you’ve read my blog for a while you know I’m big on goal setting and while I haven’t had lists of goals posted on the blog this last year, I always set goals for myself and what I want to accomplish if only for the day or week. 

I’m traveling again tomorrow so today I need to 

  • Unpack, do laundry, pack for my visit to Mom’s
  • Cast on a scarf I’m making for my niece
  • Unpack the quilting supplies and quilts needing binding that I brought back from GA. 
  • Trim and get the binding started on the basket quilt.

While I’m at Mom’s

  • Knit Samantha’s scarf
  • Shop for supplies and begin a crocheted animal (bunny or pig – I haven’t decided)
  • Finish binding the basket quilt
  • Cut and kit projects for her to work on between my visits
  • Cut a scrap quilt from her stash for my nephew 

Before my trip to Maine mid Sept ( I’ve only got 9 days between trips)

  • Finish my beaded Magnolia Glen scarf
  • Finish the current set of HeartStrings blocks in progress and assemble the top
  • Trim and bind a couple quilts
  • Finish Samantha’s scarf and mail it to her
  • Mail my Aunt’s quilt to her
  • Finish crocheting small bunny started in GA and whichever animal I start at Mom’s

Samantha scarf is started 

  • Pattern – Yowza Weigh it Shawl
  • Yarn – Miss Babs Yowza light worsted weight yarn in Lilacs
  • Needle size 9


I’ve also trimmed the basket quilt and am ready to make and machine stitch the binding to the top – I’ll then take it to Mom’s and finish it by hand stitching it down. I have to admit I was disappointed with my choice of pantograph on this quilt when I finished quilting it in GA but as I laid it out on the floor to trim it this afternoon, I find myself happy with the result. I added lighting in my quilt studio at Big Canoe but the windows are behind the longarm rather than to the side of it which makes photographing and even seeing the overall effect of the quilting difficult (I’ve always had side lighting from the windows in every place we lived since getting the longarm).  I can’t change the position of the longarm in the room but I’ll try to remember this one as an example if the quilting doesn’t seem to turn out like I expected – it’s all in the way the light hits the quilt!



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Our drive was complicated by 3+ hours of heavy rain getting out of GA 


….and completely stopped traffic on I75 just an hour from home. Keith drove most of the day so it wasn’t too bad for me although it took us 9 hours so I was ready to get out of the car!


On a brighter note, I had new yarn waiting for me. This is more color changing cotton yarn of the same type I’m using to make my beaded scarf. Now that we’re in FL, I’m trying to beef up my cotton scarf collection as I’ll get more use from them here in Tampa but I’ll still have plenty of opportunities to wear the wool ones when we travel. 


They arrived

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Adam arrived with the kids and we had a fun filled evening. Chris, Becky, and Rae join us for the day tomorrow.  

 I’m just about at the last beaded section for my scarf and I’m going to wait until I get home to get that finished – it’s heavily beaded and I don’t want to mess up at this point in the project. 

Mom and I’ve been talking about crocheting some animals and I bought a book that I like but I need a few supplies before I make one of them so I opened up this little kit from Barnes and Noble to practice. I got started on the head of the bunny before the kids arrived.    

I crocheted a little more after they all went to bed. I still have arms, legs, ears, and a tail to go and hopefully he’ll look more like a bunny when I’m done.  The toys we plan to make are bigger too – which is good – I feel like I’ve got 10 thumbs handling this smaller one. 


Put away

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I’m finished quilting for this trip. The quilts for binding and supplies going back to FL are packed up and ready to load in the car and the machines are stored away until my next trip in October. 

The longarm gets covered in plastic and then in a big piece of quilted muslin – both came with the box I ordered from Gammill to move the longarm last year and I use them to protect it while I’m away.  


I love that my little sewing table folds up too. The machine drops down and the top and side fold in.  It takes a little time to get everything set back up but I like knowing that they’re protected from dust or even a leak if another disaster should happen here. 


This afternoon I’m going through my quilts to decide which ones to take back to FL. I have more storage space there so the bulk of them will probably go just leaving ones here that are used on the beds or in the living room. Adam arrives around dinner time with Bree and Caleb and then we have a full family day tomorrow with both boys, Becky, and the kids and then it’s time to head home.