Nancy has flair

I don’t just mean her fabric choices either although I find this quilt quite striking.  I don’t always trim her quilts for her especially if I’m running short on time but although I was able to control some of the flaring of the quilt on the longarm, I felt it would benefit from being not just trimmed but squared and I’m not sure she knows how to do that. 

I use my rulers to get the corners 90 degrees but I’ve got it lined up on the mat here … There’s too much glare off the ruler.  It probably doesn’t matter so much for sofa quilts or bed quilts that don’t hang on the wall but I love having my quilt edges come together exactly when I’m folding up a quilt. Just one of my little quirks in an otherwise less than perfect quilter. 


I said earlier I used the pantograph Halcyon and a dark green thread and I was pleased with both choices and I think my Aunt will be too.  The curvy quilting goes well with the straight lines of the half log cabin blocks. 


3 thoughts on “Nancy has flair

  1. Lori in Tucson

    I guess I have that same “quirk” regarding nice square corners that meet nicely when the quilt is folded. ;-)). Love seeing your work.

  2. Penny G

    Depends on the quilt and the planned finishing method, but I would have squared the corners on this one and have added borders to get one so it could be squared, but I have been known to stretch the tolerance for out of square to almost a half inch if the block would be destroyed if I squared the quilt.

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