Thread snippers

For those wondering, I bought my thread snippers at Joann’s but the first pair I bought came from an online store selling longarm supplies. These are not the exact pair I bought but they’re very similar. I’ve had mine for years so that model may not be available anymore. Click the link to go to the Joann’s site but they may have them in the stores too. That’s where I got mine probably with a coupon!

Thread Snippers

I’ve got my Aunt’s quilt loaded and the quilting is in progress. I’m a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t choose the pantograph before loading it because if I had, I would have loaded the quilt lengthwise and used Feather Frond (pictured below)   I prefer the looks of this pattern in a vertical orientation and since I wasn’t going to reload the quilt, I chose Halcyon instead. I also thought I was going to use black thread on it which is why I quilted a couple of mine with the black thread first (dark thread is more likely to have breakage issues) but I decided a dark green would work better. 


Since Halcyon is a pattern I use frequently I was worried I’d used it on another recent quilt for my Aunt but thanks to my databases, I was able to check that I hadn’t used it … At least not recently. I checked back through 2012.  It takes a bit of time to keep the records but I find myself checking them all the time, it’s especially valuable now that my quilting is spread between two locations. I track tops quilted including who’s top and the quilting pattern , tops pieced, amount of fabric used, UFO’s, and quilts donated. I summarize my progress each year and keep them so I can look back. I lost a couple years along the way due to computer failures but for the last 8-9 years I’ve kept them online in Google Docs. 


2 thoughts on “Thread snippers

  1. swooze

    The quilt looks so pretty and I think your pattern will work great!

    I will have to read back to check your quilting choices as I bought an Avante and will be having to make choices for myself soon!

  2. Bonnie in Va

    Is this an Excel spread sheet on your phone? I keep track of designs I use but it would make sense to put it on the computer so I can cross check based on who it was done for. (I have a small customer base and actually don’t want too many more!) I enjoy seeing what other long armers are using so thanks for sharing.

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