Put away

I’m finished quilting for this trip. The quilts for binding and supplies going back to FL are packed up and ready to load in the car and the machines are stored away until my next trip in October. 

The longarm gets covered in plastic and then in a big piece of quilted muslin – both came with the box I ordered from Gammill to move the longarm last year and I use them to protect it while I’m away.  


I love that my little sewing table folds up too. The machine drops down and the top and side fold in.  It takes a little time to get everything set back up but I like knowing that they’re protected from dust or even a leak if another disaster should happen here. 


This afternoon I’m going through my quilts to decide which ones to take back to FL. I have more storage space there so the bulk of them will probably go just leaving ones here that are used on the beds or in the living room. Adam arrives around dinner time with Bree and Caleb and then we have a full family day tomorrow with both boys, Becky, and the kids and then it’s time to head home. 

5 thoughts on “Put away

  1. Nancy

    Covering the machine is a good idea. I cover my machine if I’m not going to use it for more than a couple of days, but dust still manages to find a way under the cover.

    Enjoy your visit with your boys and the Grands.

  2. Susie Q

    I like how you have your light situated — I even arranged mine that way on the left side of the machine like you had in a prior picture. Had to move many things on the floor to slide it over… and I found a few things as well, lol.

  3. Florence

    What a joyful way to spend your last day! I can just imagine those three beautiful little children giving you all many laughs. I’m happy for you that Keith can be there, too!

  4. Bonnie in Va

    It looks like you have had a fun, productive time in the mountains this year. I think you are smart to keep the long arm covered in plastic — better to take the time to protect it then deal with what might happen if there is a problem. Enjoy the day with the family.

  5. Rachel in AZ

    New to your blog and have enjoyed it a lot. You have a mighty blessed life I think. Could you share what kind of sewing table / cabinet you have? I need to find something like that for my machine and so far have found nothing that is so compact. Thank you and have a safe journey.
    Rachel in AZ

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