They arrived

Adam arrived with the kids and we had a fun filled evening. Chris, Becky, and Rae join us for the day tomorrow.  

 I’m just about at the last beaded section for my scarf and I’m going to wait until I get home to get that finished – it’s heavily beaded and I don’t want to mess up at this point in the project. 

Mom and I’ve been talking about crocheting some animals and I bought a book that I like but I need a few supplies before I make one of them so I opened up this little kit from Barnes and Noble to practice. I got started on the head of the bunny before the kids arrived.    

I crocheted a little more after they all went to bed. I still have arms, legs, ears, and a tail to go and hopefully he’ll look more like a bunny when I’m done.  The toys we plan to make are bigger too – which is good – I feel like I’ve got 10 thumbs handling this smaller one. 


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