Pop with all his little ones


One last day of chaos before we head back to Florida. 

Some pool and beach time.


Some birthday time 


Some video time 


Some drawing time


14 thoughts on “Pop with all his little ones

  1. Sara F

    Looks like the chaos was GOOD chaos. Such cute kiddos and happy looking grandpa. My husband has had supper 3 nights this week with the kids/grandkids in Rapid City as he’s been there for business. I’m jealous, but have to remember I saw them more this summer than he did.

  2. diana

    who’s having more fun, the little ones or Pop?? such great memories and pictures! Pop draws a mean dinosaur! I see I’m not the only who has a Christmas tree up all year, and I light mine up too! just live looking at it, mine’s a little smaller! safe travels back to Florida.

  3. Jackie

    Your photos are great. Even though my grandchildren are in their 20’s, I still plan family vacation and get togethers whenever I can. Enjoy!

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