If you’ve read my blog for a while you know I’m big on goal setting and while I haven’t had lists of goals posted on the blog this last year, I always set goals for myself and what I want to accomplish if only for the day or week. 

I’m traveling again tomorrow so today I need to 

  • Unpack, do laundry, pack for my visit to Mom’s
  • Cast on a scarf I’m making for my niece
  • Unpack the quilting supplies and quilts needing binding that I brought back from GA. 
  • Trim and get the binding started on the basket quilt.

While I’m at Mom’s

  • Knit Samantha’s scarf
  • Shop for supplies and begin a crocheted animal (bunny or pig – I haven’t decided)
  • Finish binding the basket quilt
  • Cut and kit projects for her to work on between my visits
  • Cut a scrap quilt from her stash for my nephew 

Before my trip to Maine mid Sept ( I’ve only got 9 days between trips)

  • Finish my beaded Magnolia Glen scarf
  • Finish the current set of HeartStrings blocks in progress and assemble the top
  • Trim and bind a couple quilts
  • Finish Samantha’s scarf and mail it to her
  • Mail my Aunt’s quilt to her
  • Finish crocheting small bunny started in GA and whichever animal I start at Mom’s

Samantha scarf is started 

  • Pattern – Yowza Weigh it Shawl
  • Yarn – Miss Babs Yowza light worsted weight yarn in Lilacs
  • Needle size 9


I’ve also trimmed the basket quilt and am ready to make and machine stitch the binding to the top – I’ll then take it to Mom’s and finish it by hand stitching it down. I have to admit I was disappointed with my choice of pantograph on this quilt when I finished quilting it in GA but as I laid it out on the floor to trim it this afternoon, I find myself happy with the result. I added lighting in my quilt studio at Big Canoe but the windows are behind the longarm rather than to the side of it which makes photographing and even seeing the overall effect of the quilting difficult (I’ve always had side lighting from the windows in every place we lived since getting the longarm).  I can’t change the position of the longarm in the room but I’ll try to remember this one as an example if the quilting doesn’t seem to turn out like I expected – it’s all in the way the light hits the quilt!


8 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Nancy

    Miss Babs’ yarn is unfamiliar to me, but I will look for it in the future – love that vibrant color.

    I need to start making lists again. I’m more productive when I do.

  2. Sara F

    I’m a goal setter too – most of the time but for some reason this summer I haven’t set any goals. And I haven’t gotten much accomplished lately either. So your post was a good reminder to get back to my usual routines, which include goal setting. It works for my work life and works for my quilting. Thanks for the reminder.

    And the quilting on the basket quilt really is lovely.

  3. Deb

    Great list. I am still knitting the scarf you suggested to get me going. It has laid silent in a box while we moved out of home and renovated. I got back to it last night and wondered why I left it so long. Thanks for your continuing inspiration.

  4. sara

    Oh my……..I have the Yowza pattern set aside with a huge skein of Miss Babs yarn, too. Cannot wait to see how yours comes along

    BTW, where do you get your Miss Babs yarn? It is kinda hard to find, I think

  5. katieQ

    I love the way the quilting looks with the Basket blocks. It adds wonderful texture.
    I haven’t made one list this summer and it shows. I haven’t accomplished one thing. I’ll have to follow your example or the fall will creep up on me before I have anything to show for the summer.

  6. Billie

    My goodness! You are going to be busy as a bee! But I know it feels good to get so much done…..have fun with it all.

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