House and tree quilt

I made a little mini quilt several years ago to demonstrate an idea to Habitat for Humanity and I’ve been wanting to make expand the idea into a house and tree quilt. The concept is simple … Squares and flying geese for the houses, hearts on some of the houses and of course trees for the neighborhood too! I’ve got a lot on my plate the rest of the year and I doubt this one will make it from the drawing board to the sewing machine in that time but I wanted to capture my idea quickly and maybe I’ll have time to make it next year. 


3 thoughts on “House and tree quilt

  1. Penny G

    First thing that happened was my mind going – “I think if I made that I would…” I usually love your patterns, but this one would have to change. I am applique averse so my mind immediately minimized the amount of applique by deciding that I could figure a different tree. The hearts have to stay though. Glad you had time to save the thought. I hope that you have time to spend doing just stuff you enjoy soon.

  2. Gail

    Love your quilt idea! But I too have issues with applique. I always say I won’t do anymore and then a pattern “speaks” to me. You would think I’d get better at it. Maybe a tree pattern instead of applique but yeah the hearts have to stay. Love it.

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