It was a tough job

It was a tough job so I had Keith do it – after I gathered up Chesty’s spare leashes and harnesses, the multiple food and water bowls, the beds, the crates, the meds, Keith took them all over to the Humane Society of Tampa today where they’ll be put to good use. I kept a small bag of his most used things and tucked it up in a corner of my closet. 

They were so nice to Keith and grateful for the donation that I’m going to send them a check in Chesty’s memory. I’ll admit that for the most part I donate to human causes versus animal causes but like donating in my dad’s memory, and in Keith’s parents memory in their birth months, I’m going to continue the tradition and make an annual donation to the Humane Society in Chesty’s memory. 


18 thoughts on “It was a tough job

  1. Linda H

    That is one of the BEST pictures of the little guy that I’ve seen posted on your site. I have saved to my computer with other pictures of dogs that I like … I will think of him at Rainbow Bridge with my little girls (Sadie Anne and Ashley Anne) whenever I look at it. Run free and happy, Chesty!!

  2. Kathleen

    I hope others will do the same thing, what better way to memorize a person or pet. Thank you for sharing and sorry for the lost of your sweet pet

  3. Girl in the Stix

    So many animals will be helped by your gift in Chesty’s memory! Maybe that will help ease the heartache over time. Thinking of you . . .

  4. Carmel

    What a beautiful way to remember a very special family member. I totally understand keeping a few special mementos.

  5. katieQ

    I think a donation is a wonderful way to celebrate the memories of a loved one, whether furry or human. I was very touched that our vet makes a donation in the name of each pet that she treats when they pass on. It meant a lot to me when I received a letter from the animal charity she donated to in our cat’s name.

  6. Judy

    What a sweet picture of your little guy. And a lovely gesture to make continuing donations in his memory.

  7. Stephani in N. TX

    Beautiful photo of Chesty and beautiful idea regarding memorial donations. You feel good and those who get the check make good use of the funds. Good work all around. I’m having to attack my husband’s closet one of these days. Since he passed away this past Winter, I thought that would be the last thing I would do. However, a closed up closet is not improving with age. But, I like the idea of keeping things closest to my heart. Will keep his beautiful Hawaiian print shirts (and anything else that speaks to me), and that decision makes the rest of the chore do-able.

  8. Sandy

    Chesty brought smiles to the faces of so many of your readers each time he appeared on your blog. How nice to know that even though he is gone he is helping other animals and the people who care for them. Quite a legacy for one little dog. Well done, Chesty!

  9. Julierose

    Good for you guys! I am sure that Chesty would approve ;–)))
    Difficult to do though….I have Mom’s stuff to go through–almost Fall Cleaning time…hugs, Julierose

  10. diana

    Such a precious picture of your little guy! Seeing this picture makes me smile, just the was he’s smiling down at you, for keeping his memory alive. <3 hugs <3

  11. Angie

    That is such a wonderful photo of Chesty! and your idea for an annual donation to the Humane Society is a great idea, and much appreciated I’m sure. Your keeping very busy, and that is a good thing right now with the loss of Chesty. He is surely missed by everyone.

  12. Valerie

    Chesty lives on in our hearts forever!
    We all loved him from a far and were grateful that you shared him with us, thank-you so much.
    It is still such a joy to see his beautiful little face.
    Yes, our pets are alive in Heaven, probably enjoying a meet and greet with the little ones who have gone on before us.
    There is hope that we will see our loved ones again.

  13. Debra

    What a wonderful gesture. We we have no children and our pets have always been our babies we make a monthly donation to our local humane society. Whenever we see a sad story on TV involving a dog or other pet it makes us feel better to know we make a small donation monthly for all of the local animals.

  14. Sherrill

    There’s that sweet little face again. He was such an integral part of your family that I think it’s fitting to make a donation in his memory!

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