Body parts

Or should I say bunny parts?! Mom and I are crocheting Emma the Bunny from the book Edward’s Menagerie.  For this first attempt, we’re using the Caron One Pound worsted weight yarn but I have to say it’s tough on the hands. I think it will hold up well as a toy but I might try a different yarn for the next one. 


5 thoughts on “Body parts

  1. Jeane

    These animals need to be crocheted tightly so the stuffing doesn’t come through. I make them with worsted acrylic and a small hook. Yours is going to be so cute when you give it a face. They are fun to make even if a bit hard on the hands.

  2. Sheila M

    Your Mom looks so relaxed working on her bunny. Love the wall hanging! Tell us about it please.

  3. Debra

    Great Pic, I love the quilt on the wall next to your Mom did you or your Mom make it. Please drop by my blog, I have actually posted a couple of things lately.

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