We’ve had a quiet few days. Mom had some surgery on her hands Thursday but she’s doing great and we were able to take off the big bulky bandages yesterday. I worked on Samantha’s scarf in the waiting room and have been making other progress on my list too.  

  • Progress has been made on the knit scarf. 
  • The crochet bunny is done and waiting for a face – I started a pig too. 
  • The basket quilt is bound. 
  • I’ve finished the cutting on one of the quilts she’s working on. 

 More cutting and knitting on the schedule for today. 

9 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Marilyn

    Best Wishes to your Mom on a quick recovery. You are really are making progress on your projects even
    with all the added things you have.Take good care of your Mom.

  2. SaraF

    Best wishes to your Mom for a flawless recovery. I’m sure you are a great comfort to her, knowing you are there – but also knowing you are prepping new projects for her to work on as soon as she feels up to that.

  3. Debra

    Hope your Mom is able to use her hands soon. It must be so difficult if you are a crafty person. She is lucky to have you to help her.

  4. Linda H

    Prayers that the surgeon’s hands were guided by God and that your mom will be on the mend soon. Wishes for a speedy recovery. Linda

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