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Best of Black Mountain quilts

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We were at my sister’s house last month and she had this quilt I’d made her hanging over the railing.  


It was from one of our family exchanges where we each got to pick a pattern and have someone make it for us. I adapted the pattern some from the book and really like my version best 🙂  Don’t be afraid to make a quilt your own with small changes. 

Mom said we should both remake this one … And I crossed my fingers that it was in one of the books I’d kept in the move from MN. 

I’d kept it – The quilt from the book (Best of Black Mountain quilts)

 Also in the book is this quilt –  another reason I need that scanNcut from Brother … Wouldn’t it be easy to cut these applique pieces?!   I would set this one differently too but I love those baskets!



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Another one is quilted – a HeartStrings top I pieced during one of our special projects. I rarely “just” meander a quilt but that’s what I did in the black and white strips. 

I also pulled a few fabrics to add in with my leftovers from the Chevron Rail Fence quilt – I’m recreating a simple antique  quilt I saw on ebay. Here’s the beginning of it laid out.  Since I’m not sure if I’ll have enough fabric from the leftovers, and since a scrap quilt can always use more variety I took advantage of being here to pull some to bring back to FL with me.  


I almost forgot to pull some neutrals but I remembered and grabbed a handful of them too. 


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I’ve reached the halfway point of my goal to quilt 6 tops while I’m here. Because I have to balance family time with quilting time when we’re here in GA, I try to be realistic about what I will accomplish …plus, I like to spend my evenings upstairs sipping a glass of wine and knitting!

This was a kit on clearance at Connecting Threads, pieced by Mom and quilted with the pantograph Double Rose Vine by Norma Sharp. It’s an old one but I like it and wanted something floral on this top. It’s really hard to get decent photos of my quilting in the late afternoon here – I miss my MN studio where the sun would come in just at the right angle to show the quilting but I do like that my sewing room and longarm rooms are right next to each other here rather than two floors apart!



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Keith arrived last night and we went to dinner with Chris, Becky, and Rae – can’t believe I didn’t get a single photo. 

This morning I loaded and quilted my HeartStrings top from our Sharon Challenge last year. Unlike most of my HeartStrings quilts, this one was made according to challenge guidelines and only has 8 fabrics.  I rarely keep one of my own quilts but I think this one will be staying with me. I just love the colors. 

Quilted freehand with funky feathers from the Pajama Quilter DVD.  


The quilting shows better on the back. 


We’ve got family stuff scheduled for the weekend so it will be Monday before I get back downstairs to quilt. 


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Ready to load …

Quilted – I used a panto … I can’t remember the name right now but I liked the fern like texture of it for this string rail fence top.  


My goal is to quilt 6 while I’m here but I’ve got a lot of family time scheduled too so we’ll see how it goes. Keith joins me tomorrow.  For now, I’ve got a glass of wine, my knitting, and audiobook to keep me company for the rest of the night. 


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Unpack and organize or quilt?! This is just my 4th trip since I dumped our MN household here last July and since I’m away from my longarm for long periods of time, I tend to just get as much quilting done as I can. I did finally load and start quilting a string top today and I’ll share a photo later when I finish it but I’ve been doing some unpacking and straightening and some knitting too. 

I love to knit but don’t love finishing. I also knit more things than I can use so I have a number of shawls, scarves, and afghans just waiting to be donated and/or finished up (ends woven in, blocking if needed). I pulled a few skeins of yarn to take back to FL with me and filled a bin with the above projects – I’ll set a goal of finishing them and then hopefully by the end of the year or beginning of next year I’ll gift or donate them. Of course there will be some I keep and somewhere in a bin or drawer there are 2-3 scarves that I do plan to keep but just can’t find. 

I’m taking some empty project bins with me too. I like to keep everything together for a project in its own bin.  


I’m still listening to my audiobook on the National Parks and Monuments while I knit. I really love how this is progressing.  


I had my coffee this morning in my Muir Woods mug and looked though a book on the Blue Ridge Parkway. My sister lives near Shenandoah Valley and I’m toying with the idea of a drive from GA to VA along the parkway to visit next spring once Mom gets settled.  


I finished the borders on the 4 Patch on the Diagonal top – I need to figure out where to take photos in this space. After 6 years in the MN townhouse with the sewing room and longarm rooms being separated by 2 stories, I’m enjoying having them next to each other. Using the longarm table is much easier than the floor when I’m measuring and pinning borders.  


Finally, in my unpacking I came across this small stuffed dog and these framed photos of my boys. I’ve had them both for a long time and now they’re out of the basket of miscellaneous stuff from the move and up in my bedroom again.  Thank you all for your emails and kind words as I work my way though the loneliness and grief I feel at Chesty’s loss. 


Reminders are everywhere 

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Just like at home, there are reminders of Chesty that we need to pack up and donate. Last night was hard because this drive from FL to GA is one we’d been making together for the last year and when I arrived, his crate was sitting waiting.  


Downstairs, this morning, his bed sitting by my cutting table.  


The bed and crate will be among the things we donate … This little ornament on the tree I keep up year around will stay and I’ll add some photos here like I did in FL so I can see his sweet face as I go about my days.  


Day 1

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Since I’m a night person and have trouble sleeping anyway, I tend to start my days slowly. I’m listening to a great audiobook on the National Parks while I knit my current scarf so I chose my Mount Rushmore mug for my morning coffee …. 


and it’s nice to be back among my books. I pulled these to page through while I had my coffee this morning. I’ll eventually have to decide which of my books I want to bring to FL and which will stay here but not this trip.  

I keep both my machines covered and protected while I’m away so it always takes me a while to get set up and organized downstairs but the longarm is uncovered and ready.

My sewing machine is set up and I’ve already pieced a back and pulled backings for other tops on the list for quilting this trip.  

I’ve also decided this little top needs a border which I’ll sew this trip.  


When everything goes wrong

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My 8 hour drive turned into an almost 12 hour drive thanks to traffic and weather and when I arrived … This is what my parking space looked like.  I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t arrive on time. 


There was a big storm here and the neighbor’s car was smashed by a falling tree. In the back, this one just missed the house … It was smaller than the one that fell out front but I’m sure it would have done some damage.  


The power was out too but came back on pretty quickly … I guess my bad day could have been a LOT worse!