My binding buddy

Rebecca arrived today and went right to work binding the quilts I’ve been tying. I’m still ahead of her by a few but I bet she’ll catch up to me tomorrow! That’s Bev sitting beside Rebecca – she hosts the sew-in each year and gets me all set up with batting and my space in the corner, everyone provides the tops and I get to spend a week working with them all. 


I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to participate. 

5 thoughts on “My binding buddy

  1. E.Rob

    Love the pics and appreciate all the good work you and the friends are doing. Never tire of seeing Maine pics. Remember the lighthouses! Have a great week.

  2. Carol in MN

    It will be interesting to hear how may quilts you ladies tie and get ready for donation. It’s a wonderful project in which to be involved and to top it off, a fun group to be with. Enjoy your time in Maine.

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