In the blink of an eye

 It seems like I just got here and started tying quilts, I can’t believe it’s time to head home already.

Good people, good food, good times. 

I’ve been telling everyone to look how much the batting roll was shrinking but it wasn’t until today that they agreed with me. This photo was taken Sunday night after I set up the first quilt for tying – that’s my little top I brought with me to finish. 


This was tonight after I tied the last of 18 tops.  I wish I could have used it up completely. 


9 thoughts on “In the blink of an eye

  1. kate

    I love the big roll of batting, but, boy, getting it up there must have been difficult !!! Great work, Molly.

  2. Sherrill

    That was a giganzo roll of batting!! Looks like they’ll still have some left for additional donation quilts and maybe still have some for next time you’re there!! LOL

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