Jelly Roll Challenge

In Maine, we decided we’d have a challenge to make quilts from Jelly Rolls (with or without added fabric, no size requirement) so I pulled a Jelly Roll when I got home.  


And had a plan until I realized that almost half of the strips had 2-3 prints on them rather than one … How bizarre.  


So I changed my mind and decided to do a variation of my Rails and Pinwheels quilt only I did NOT like how the prints looked in the rails.  


So I chopped them up smaller … And will do 16 patches and framed 4 patches. Not sure how many blocks I’ll get from the Jelly Roll but we’ll see.  


11 thoughts on “Jelly Roll Challenge

  1. NancyB in AZ

    Thanks for the warning! I have never seen a jelly roll like that either. I suppose it would work for the original jelly roll race quilt. Would have really made me upset. The designer part of you came through again. Good job.

  2. Karen

    I love this idea for a jelly roll quilt. I do get tired of the jelly roll race quilt pattern. Thanks for another inspiration. I have never participated in the challenges but I think this is the time to participate.

  3. Vic in NH

    Yikes! Now how were we supposed to plan for that???? Not fair of the design house, but glad you warned us, thanks! You make a nice “save” out of the design.

  4. sara

    LOVE the framed 4-patches. What a great way to use the jelly-rolls-of- little-variety (BTW, I bought a layer cake like that recently–patriotic fabrics and I really needed more variety, sigh……)

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