Photos of Rae

I love how easy it is with the iPad and shared photo streams to see pictures of the kids. Chris uploaded some new ones. 

Look at that smile, 


She’s also joined a soccer team – can you believe she’s not even 3 yet? We’ll get to celebrate her birthday next month when we visit Big Canoe again.  


6 thoughts on “Photos of Rae

  1. Penny G

    Go Chris – kids that play outside and participate in team activities learn wonderful life lessons. My kids played soccer, softball, did gymnastics, and danced. They were not great at any of them, but they tried. When the older daughter tried out for the middle school softball team she looked like someone’s little sister. Our neighbor who was the boys baseball coach took pity on her and taught her to be statistician. She was catcher for the league teams she played on, but when everyone else grew her lack of both height and strength made it impossible to get a fast and accurate throw to second. Hope Rae continues to enjoy life as much as she seems to in these pictures. Her mom and dad are raising a special girl.

  2. Gloria

    Fun to see the photos of Rae and especially “playing” soccer! Hope she has fun with soccer. My granddaughter began “playing” when she was three and today she is a freshman in college, on a soccer scholarship!

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