Wasted days

Yesterday I started a hat … No make that two hats and both were busts because I wasn’t paying attention to my pattern/yarn/needle sizes … I was in a hurry and decided my choices would be good enough – they weren’t and so I ripped them out. Today I’m having a “I’m tired, didn’t sleep well, don’t feel well kind of day”. That means I slept late and have been puttering around not doing much of anything. 

I did manage to sort and delete some photos – I have a huge task ahead of me because I take so many photos -many of them duplicates – trying to get the perfect shot and then don’t delete the duds. I have also been lazy about sorting photos into albums. I usually sort them by trips or by dates or by subject (quilts, chesty) but I’m way, way behind and the last time I tried to transfer photos from my phone to my computer for backup – there were too many to transfer. 

I also came across this post by Babara Brackman on tumbler quilts. I love my tumbler die and have made several and have some more planned. I think I need to try a layout with the tumbler rows staggered. It’s funny seeing that post today because I’d saved this photo from eBay last night with a Thousand Pyramid quilt with a staggered layout which is the exact same idea. Maybe one day I’ll make both quilts using this idea.  

I’m going to knit a while now but I’ll work on something I don’t have to think about – my Be Simple scarf. 


3 thoughts on “Wasted days

  1. Linda

    oh we are on the same vive! I watched a video on Missouri quilts utube that used the tumbler die and I am in love with it! have a box tucked away where I am cutting out pieces for it. eventually when I get enough I want to put them all together and make a quilt for one of the granddaughters.

  2. Diana Edwards

    Yep, we all have those days…yesterday was a do nothing day. Better today…handyman came around to do some small projects and trim the seed pods off the crape myrtle at Mom’s so now it is time to sew and watch movies.

  3. Nann

    I understand, Mary!
    I really, really need to collect my digital photos in one place and cull those I don’t need. To add to that chore, I have printed photos, some in albums and some in boxes, to sort out. Plus all of my parents’ albums, but that’s I project I am going to insist that my sister help me with.
    Meanwhile, faced with an unscheduled day and my husband off at a workshop this morning, I begun transferring summer clothes to storage and bringing up winter clothes. It will be weeks until it’s cool enough for the heavier things, but the cedar closet isn’t big enough for two seasons. Next: shoes. And I need to switch purses, too.
    Time to get off the computer!

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