Checking things off the list

The hardest part of trying something new is not being too critical of the results. I embroidered Emma the Bunny’s face today and she’s finished. I’m not thrilled with how my decreases look on her face but I don’t think she looks bad for my first crocheted animal.  


I’ve also checked off the binding of my Sharon quilt and another scarf has been blocked and the ends woven in. Still lots more to finish up before the end of the year but it feels good to mark off 3 more items. Who knows if it will all get done but I know it won’t if I don’t try!

Goals thru end of 2015

Bind Basket Quilt

Cut Projects for Mom in Aug/Sept

  • pink hearts
  • sashing for her baskets
  • Butterfly quilt
  • 30’s 9 Patch

Knit scarf for Samantha

Crochet large bunny

Finish HS blocks and assemble top

Finish knitting Magnolia Glen Scarf

Tied 18 Quilts in Maine

Bind zoo animal strippie

Bind my Sharon challenge HS

Bind String Rails

Embroider face on large crochet bunny

Finishing of 12 knit/crochet items (blocking, weaving ends, etc)

  • Drop stitch scarf
  • Magnolia Glen scarf
  • Blue gray scarf

Made Jelly Roll Strippie top

Knit two hats for Rae

Quilt 3 tops for Mom (in Oct)

Quilt 3 other tops (in Oct)

Bind above quilts done in Oct

Bind my B/W and Blue HS

Finish small crochet bunny

Crochet zebra or sheep

Finish hand quilting small 16 patch

Bind small 16 Patch

Quilt my small B/W and bright HS

Bind my small B/W and bright HS

Quilt Pink and Purple HST top

Bind Pink and Purple HST quilt

Piece RWB rectangle top

Piece top for Jelly Roll Challenge

Piece another Sharon Quilt (HS)

Started Eyeblink Scarf

Started Be Simple scarf in teal


Simple garter stitch scarf/unknown yarn – now ready for the donation pile.  


8 thoughts on “Checking things off the list

  1. Marilyn McKinnon

    I am in love with your lists. I am a list person and get such satisfaction from stroking things out as I finish them.
    Happy to see your goals and wish you well with them. Marilyn

  2. Joanne

    Where do you donate your knit items?
    I make lists too. Last Thursday I had thumb surgery and while I can’t do much for the next 2 months, I’ve been wandering around doing nothing for a week. So, today I made a list of small things to accomplish today, and I feel so much more focused!

  3. Mary Jo

    Love the garter stitch scarf. I was just gifted two skeins of yarn and now I know how I am going to use them!

  4. Ruth

    I think the bunny looks great. Embroidering the faces is the biggest challenge for me and your first face looks much better than mine did!

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