HeartStrings in the news

It’s always fun to see a local news article about HeartStrings and as I was flying home on last Friday, a local reporter was visiting Bev and the rest of the quilters at the Maine sew-in. 

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5 thoughts on “HeartStrings in the news

  1. Jackie

    It’s always nice to get recognition for what we do. Bev does a great job organizing this retreat, finishing many of the quilts, and distributing the quilts. It’s nice that she was recognized for what she does for her community.

  2. SaraF

    What a lovely article. It’s always nice to see good news. Loved the statement about a quilt being like getting a hug. Your groups have given a TON of hugs over the years. Great job!

  3. Florence

    Thanks for sharing your group of ladies with us. Congratulations to all of you for your dedicated service to so many in need! You all are very caring and generous!

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