My Sharon Challenge Quilt

Last year at the Maine sew-in, we decided to challenge ourselves to make a planned HeartStrings quilt like the ones Sharon makes and I finished the binding on mine yesterday. I love scrappy but I’ve got to say I love this one a lot and I’m not sure I can give it away. I’ll hang on to it a while while before I decide. 

We’re challenging ourselves to make another one this year and if you’d like the details, you can find them on the HeartStrings website at this post. 

10 thoughts on “My Sharon Challenge Quilt

  1. Doris

    Love that quilt. I make donation quilts also and sometimes I love one so much I have to do the same thing, keep it a while and enjoy looking at it before I can give it away.

  2. Kelly

    I’m fairly new to quilt making. This is gorgeous. Is there a pattern I can use to make it? I looked at the information on the Heartstrings website but didn’t fully understand it. I’d appreciate any help. Thank you. I love all that you do.

  3. Carol

    I really like this too. Well done. You have inspired me to make one for a family member that way I will see it occasionally. Thank you.

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