We drove down to NC today to see Mom’s sister. I would have taken some photos of them outside but it was raining so I didn’t. This one is from a visit a couple years ago.  


5 thoughts on “Visiting

  1. Penny G

    I am sure they were equally happy to see each other this time and the smiles and relaxed comfort would have been the same. This rain stinks. We were under a flash flood watch for almost 9 hours yesterday.

  2. Cindy in NC

    Hope you both enjoy your time in the Tar Heel State! If you’re anywhere near me you will have rain pretty much all week.

    Cindy in NC

  3. diana

    Such a great pic of your Mom and Aunt!I lost my Mom years ago, but I still have my Dad. And I love to hear about how you visit your Mom and sew together, makes my heart smile! And I love the the picture of Rae with her many doll baby beds. So sweet!

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