More quilts

Rae told Granny (my mom) that she needed more quilts the other day and she tried to claim the butterfly one that Mom was working on. Becky just sent me this picture explaining that this is why Rae needs them … She puts all her animals to bed with her blankets and afghans.  


I don’t need more fabric but somehow I couldn’t pass up these fat quarters that were on sale. I’m going to be home for almost 2 weeks and hope to make some progress on the long list of items needing finishing up but I’m too tired to do much more than read tonight.  


13 thoughts on “More quilts

  1. Stephanie

    What a sweetie. My grandie Isabel does the same thing. She always wants more quilts too.
    Drooling over the box of fat quarters!!

  2. Angie

    It does look like she has more animals to cover! :o) Such a caring wish, who could resist make more quilts for Rae. Nice box of fabrics!

  3. Sara F

    You have to love the big imagination your grand daughter has. So clever how she has used her quilts to keep her “babies” warm. So absolutely – she needs more quilts.

  4. Penny G

    Hope you enjoyed your book and relaxation. No one that reads your blog could doubt you needed the down time. I think Rae needs more quilts. My granddaughter used place mats in school in kindergarten so I made 4 and they turned into small animal quilts when she started first grade.

  5. Nancy

    My granddaughter used to take all of her quilts and then all of my fabric napkins to cover her animals and dolls. I would find them all over the house as she put her “children” down for their naps. Does make good memories.

  6. Chris

    I am curious where you found the sale on the fat quarters? I am looking to find a supplier (or two) on line that I can order fabric from reputably. Thanks!

  7. Mary-Kay

    Your grand-daughter is too cute! I like the way she tried to claim the quilt. I have older nieces and nephews that try that out on me and usually I give in or make another one for them. You will have to make a few doll quilts to cover her animals.

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