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Jelly Roll Challenge

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In Maine, we decided we’d have a challenge to make quilts from Jelly Rolls (with or without added fabric, no size requirement) so I pulled a Jelly Roll when I got home.  


And had a plan until I realized that almost half of the strips had 2-3 prints on them rather than one … How bizarre.  


So I changed my mind and decided to do a variation of my Rails and Pinwheels quilt only I did NOT like how the prints looked in the rails.  


So I chopped them up smaller … And will do 16 patches and framed 4 patches. Not sure how many blocks I’ll get from the Jelly Roll but we’ll see.  


Photos of Rae

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I love how easy it is with the iPad and shared photo streams to see pictures of the kids. Chris uploaded some new ones. 

Look at that smile, 


She’s also joined a soccer team – can you believe she’s not even 3 yet? We’ll get to celebrate her birthday next month when we visit Big Canoe again.  


In the blink of an eye

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 It seems like I just got here and started tying quilts, I can’t believe it’s time to head home already.

Good people, good food, good times. 

I’ve been telling everyone to look how much the batting roll was shrinking but it wasn’t until today that they agreed with me. This photo was taken Sunday night after I set up the first quilt for tying – that’s my little top I brought with me to finish. 


This was tonight after I tied the last of 18 tops.  I wish I could have used it up completely. 


My binding buddy

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Rebecca arrived today and went right to work binding the quilts I’ve been tying. I’m still ahead of her by a few but I bet she’ll catch up to me tomorrow! That’s Bev sitting beside Rebecca – she hosts the sew-in each year and gets me all set up with batting and my space in the corner, everyone provides the tops and I get to spend a week working with them all. 


I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to participate. 

Quality time

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I kind of hate that phrase but since Keith and I are apart most of the month it kind of applies. Today we did some shopping and had dinner out. I leave early tomorrow so we just had about a day and a half together. 

I did manage some knitting too and my niece sent me a photo after receiving her scarf in the mail. This little FL girl is facing her first real winter in Erie PA.  


Cast on

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Keith arrived home safely – thanks for all your comments. He found heavy security in Atlanta so obviously there’s a heightened sense of alert due to the anniversary of 9/11. 

Because we just have a day and a half together before I travel, I doubt I’ll get much done tonight or tomorrow on the sewing or knitting front. I still have to pack but I’ve got my laundry done and the supplies for the sew-in all assembled. I’ve made good progress on the Eyeblink shawl but I’m going to set that aside for now because I’ll be getting to the lace section before long and I want simple traveling knitting.  I love how the colors are blending together so far and I hope the final khaki color looks as good. 


I also loved how my Be Simple scarf looked in a skein of Wollmeise variegated yarn so I pulled a skein to make another one as my travel project. I got upgraded to first class on both of my flights Sunday (so unusual!) and I’ll have plenty of elbow room to knit on the plane. 


I just had another idea

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I’ve got the butterfly die for my GO and I was just thinking wouldn’t it be neat to applique some on the Jelly Roll Strippie quilt? I took the butterfly from the Accuquilt site and placed it over my quilt top – I’m using the iPad so I had limited options – I was able to remove the background but not recolor the butterflies – this does capture my idea for later.  Applique circles would also look neat and are an option. 


Jelly Roll Strippie

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again today – I don’t like Jelly Roll Race quilts. I just DON’T. 

I do understand why people make them

  • It’s fun to be part of a group event
  • A lot of us have Jelly Rolls laying around, and
  • Who doesn’t like a quick quilt?

I’m heading to Maine on Sunday for the annual HeartStrings sew-in held there and as I was gathering up my stuff to pack, I pulled out a couple Jelly Rolls – some of girls are going to have a Jelly Roll race (Last year they raced with Tumblers) and I thought I’d take one for my binding buddy and one for the winner of the race. 

Since I like quick quilts and I have Jelly Rolls I thought I’d try my hand at a strippie quilt using a Jelly Roll so I’d feel like I was playing along with everyone else. I don’t carry a sewing machine on the plane so I have to do mine either before or after the sew-in. If you do a search for Jelly Roll quilts you can see some people cut theirs and reassemble them in some fashion because they don’t like the finished top. Some people make Jelly Roll quilts by just sewing their strips to each other rather than in a long roll like the JRR quilts, and some people alternate lights and darks. I kind of jumbled these ideas together and came up with my Jelly Roll Strippie.

I’m done in just a few hours this afternoon. Since I’m done first does that mean I win?

If anyone is interested in my process – I posted the steps on my website.