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I took two days to drive from Atlanta to Virginia, lots of rain so I didn’t push. Lots of fall color along the way also but it was most impressive in North Carolina. Unfortunately I didn’t feel good the first couple days I was here but felt better this morning when I needed to take Mom in for her second surgery on her hands. 

Surgery went well and I’ll stay through next week while she recovers. Not much going on crafty wise but I did get the 3 quilts I quilted in GA trimmed and ready for Mom to bind and I started crocheting another animal – a sheep this time. 

the Zoo

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It’s our last day in GA and we met Adam and the kids at the zoo. Caleb loves all the animals and Bree is just the happiest little girl.  We didn’t get much time with them this trip but I really appreciated Adam making the effort to meet us after getting up at 2am to work before coming. I don’t know how he manages that schedule. I worked a lot of shift work but give me evenings or nights any day – it’s not unusual for him to have to get up in the middle of the night to get to work. 


One of my oldest UFO’s

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I’ve always loved this Rail Fence top so I’m not sure why it took me so long to quilt. Maybe because I wasn’t sure if I was going to give it to someone or donate it.  


… or maybe because I didn’t want to deal with the flange I put in between some of the blocks. In the end I quilted freehand swirls and worked my way around them. 
This is the last one that I’ll finish on this trip – It was pieced in December 2009 and it’s pretty much my oldest UFO although there is another UFO that is going to be incorporated into a backing because I never finished piecing it and I don’t plan to at this point (it’s from 2008). 

What’s your oldest UFO?

Mom’s baskets

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This is the last one I’m quilting for Mom this trip. The pantograph is Rhapsody from Willow Leaf Studio.  She wasn’t happy with how “pink” the top was when she was done but I’m hoping she likes it better now that it’s quilted. 


I also pulled some more leftovers to carry back to FL with me. I’m not sure what they’ll become yet but something scrappy. I won’t be back until March so the fabric I’m pulling will help keep me busy … Assuming I stay home long enough to get some piecing done.  


One more of my tops to quilt tomorrow and then I’ll close up shop again. My time here just flies by between trying to get as much quilting done as possible and my family time. I won’t be going home for a while though, I’m heading to VA next to see Mom. 

Mom’s Tumblers

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Quilted with the pantograph Feather Frond by Clothwerx. I don’t usually load my quilt lengthwise but in this case I wanted the vine to climb vertically. 

Now that today’s top is quilted, I’m going to settle in with some of my state quilt documentation books and look for new inspiration.  


One more family photo

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Normally I take my own photos rather than paying for photos to be taken when we’re at theme type parks but I like this one of all of us.  

 While I was downstairs quilting I pulled a bunch of fabric to take back with me – I wasn’t sure what I was going to make until I found the book on tessellating quilts on the shelf. There will be plenty for more than one top so I’ll have to think about a leftover quilt or two also.  


Back to qulting

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Here’s a HeartStrings top pieced by Sue from donated blocks – she’s used a border print to make these blocks go further but you’ll have to wait until I’ve got it bound to see the whole top. I’ve had it waiting for quilting since last year when I took the top to Nebraska for a class and talk on string quilts and HeartStrings and I’m glad to finally have it quilted. Normally I don’t like to have any donated top waiting for quilting longer than 6 months but this year quilting has had to take a back seat to my family responsibilities.  Quilted with the pantograph, Improved Clamshells – you can see the quilting better on the back but I love the texture the clamshells create. 



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We spent another day with Chris and his family … I soaked up as much time with Rae as I could since we won’t see them again until December.  

 We arrived back at Big Canoe late afternoon and after working a bit downstairs – trimming one quilt and making a backing for another, we had a quiet evening. It was even cool enough tonight for a fire! I also managed to knit a bit this weekend on the Be Simple scarf. I love this pattern.  



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We celebrated Chris’ birthday Thursday and today we celebrated Rae’s 3rd birthday with her. We’re visiting Chattanooga and the morning started with Rae preparing her birthday crown with Dad’s help.

 It goes well with the birthday tutu! 

 We visited the aquarium 


We had lunch (and dinner) out. Rae cuddled with her Mom 


Becky snapped a good photo of Keith and I

There were presents given, and stories read, and the hat Gram made fit her! 



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Celebrating Chris’ birthday with him! 


I can’t believe how fast time flies – the one below was taken in Tampa the first time we lived there.  Forgive the bad quality of the scan – one of these days, all of our old photos will get rescanned at a higher resolution. 



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I wasn’t sure I was going to get a top quilted today but luckily I did since I only have 5 more quilting days while I’m here. The next 4 days will be family time as will the last day and I’ll need one day to close up shop since we won’t be back until March. I really, really need more time here and the goal will be to spend anywhere from 4-6 weeks here next summer. 

This is one of my HeartStrings tops started back in Dec 2012 and it’s been waiting for quilting a long time. I used the pantograph Seaweed on it – there be a better photo of it when it’s bound. 

 In addition to getting my machines set up and this one quilted, I pieced a back and unpacked all the supplies from the car – we have two levels here at the condo and there’s a spiral staircase between them. Usually I take bulky items down the outside stairs but I decided the batting would fit without too much difficulty.  Luckily, it’s just a 20 yard roll rather than the 30 yard ones I usually buy. 

 I also spent  way too long digging through my bins trying to pull fabric for another HeartStrings challenge quilt inspired by Sharon’s planned HeartStrings quilts. Mine are usually really scrappy like the one at the top of this post but I love how my first Sharon quilt turned out so I’m ready to do another. 

Unfortunately, with the fabric in bins, it’s really hard to find the 8, one yard pieces I need. After finding lots of half yard pieces that would work rather than full yards, I decided I would make a smaller 24 block quilt for the challenge. I’ve got 3 extra fabrics here because I won’t start this until I’m back in FL and I want to have some wiggle room in case my first 8 choices don’t work. The wider stripe on the right will be my center string and obviously it’s the inspiration for my other fabrics. 


Off my needles

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I’ve done more unknitting than knitting the last three days on both my Eyeblink shawl and this little hat but at least I finished this one. I really should make more hats – one, they’re quick even when I make mistakes and two, I wouldn’t make stupid mistakes if I made them more often. I was going to use two circulars for the decreases on this one but couldn’t remember what I needed to do so I pulled back the mistake(s) and used double pointed needles. I’ll look up the “how to” before starting another hat but I’ve got all the needles packed for my trip so one way or another I’ll finish one or two more.