First work, then a massage

I finished quilting this small top for Mom today – it’s a panel with pieced borders, quilted with the pantograph Jilly by Keryn Emmerson. I’m heading over shortly for a massage and then I’ll spend the evening with a fire and my knitting.  


3 thoughts on “First work, then a massage

  1. Carol in MN

    You have a wonderful plan for the rest of your day. Thanks for sharing your quilting and knitting projects. I am just finishing my second Be Simple Shawl and plan to do the Hitchhiker Shawl next. These are easy and relaxing projects to do while traveling or when time permits. It is 75 degrees in MN today and we know this is a gift for this time of the year. Enjoy your time away, and yes we miss little Chesty also.

  2. Nancy

    The pieced border your mother added is very attractive. I need to try some different borders for my quilts, but usually by that time, I just want to be finished with the project.

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