Mom’s Tumblers

Quilted with the pantograph Feather Frond by Clothwerx. I don’t usually load my quilt lengthwise but in this case I wanted the vine to climb vertically. 

Now that today’s top is quilted, I’m going to settle in with some of my state quilt documentation books and look for new inspiration.  


8 thoughts on “Mom’s Tumblers

  1. Sara F

    Your mom’s quilt is so pretty and has a vintage look to it. I didn’t realize there were books specifically documenting quilts by state. How interesting!

  2. Angie Kiker

    Your Mom’s quilt is so pretty! Love the fabrics and the additional appliqués adds a special touch! Love the quilting design too. You two make a wonderful Team!

  3. Carmel

    Love, love the colours and the vintage “feel” of your Mum’s quilt.
    Would be great to see a pic of the whole quilt.

  4. Tanya

    You have so many pretty quilts to show. Tell your mom that her baskets quilt is just lovely and I think the pink will grow on her. Hope she’s feeling well soon.

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