Mom’s baskets

This is the last one I’m quilting for Mom this trip. The pantograph is Rhapsody from Willow Leaf Studio.  She wasn’t happy with how “pink” the top was when she was done but I’m hoping she likes it better now that it’s quilted. 


I also pulled some more leftovers to carry back to FL with me. I’m not sure what they’ll become yet but something scrappy. I won’t be back until March so the fabric I’m pulling will help keep me busy … Assuming I stay home long enough to get some piecing done.  


One more of my tops to quilt tomorrow and then I’ll close up shop again. My time here just flies by between trying to get as much quilting done as possible and my family time. I won’t be going home for a while though, I’m heading to VA next to see Mom. 

10 thoughts on “Mom’s baskets

  1. Florence

    I think the quilt is beautiful — and your Mom’s applique skills are amazing! Georgia to VA is quite a long trip. Be very careful!

  2. tirane

    your hand is so steady on those pantographs! i never see wobbles of any sort. is it just lots and lots of practise? or do you have a computer on your longarm?

  3. Candace

    I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time. Are you interested in joining a quilt guild in the Tampa area? I am with the Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Brandon.

  4. Nancy

    Nice job on your Mom’s quilt.

    Enjoy your visit with your Mom, and tell her this blog reader loves all the quilts she makes. I especially like this one with the pretty flower baskets.

  5. Jane Modjeski

    Tell Mom this quilt is terrific. It looks modern 30’s and is wonderful. But if she is not happy with the pink. What about tea dying which would gone it down and bring in a vintage look?

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