One of my oldest UFO’s

I’ve always loved this Rail Fence top so I’m not sure why it took me so long to quilt. Maybe because I wasn’t sure if I was going to give it to someone or donate it.  


… or maybe because I didn’t want to deal with the flange I put in between some of the blocks. In the end I quilted freehand swirls and worked my way around them. 
This is the last one that I’ll finish on this trip – It was pieced in December 2009 and it’s pretty much my oldest UFO although there is another UFO that is going to be incorporated into a backing because I never finished piecing it and I don’t plan to at this point (it’s from 2008). 

What’s your oldest UFO?

14 thoughts on “One of my oldest UFO’s

  1. Nancy

    It’s lovely, especially striking with the flanges.

    I’m happy to report that I don’t have any quilting UFOs. I finished my oldest (a 4 year old BOM) earlier this summer. Now, knitting UFOs are a whole other topic. . .

  2. Stephanie

    Like Susie Q, my oldest is also from 2003.
    An [almost] set of birthday blocks from members of my local sewing group. One person didn’t do hers for me before leaving the group. I have decided to piece the 11 blocks into a backing for another set of signed blocks.
    After those, I still have several from 2006.

  3. Sara F

    I’m ashamed to say that I have some UFOs that are over 10 years old – a couple of them are partially pieced and may never grow up to be a quilt. I need to “let go”. I did just quilt a set of pillow shams that are about 10 or 11 years old this week. They both need envelop backs added and then they are ready to use.

    Your UFO is really strikiing – and would be hard to give away.

  4. Nancy

    My oldest UFO is from the mid 90’s. It is in the process of being hand quilted – but hasn’t been worked on for 19 years. Perhaps because the person who it was being made for is no longer able to receive it.

  5. Denise in PA

    I guess you could say my very first quilt – the hand quilting is still not done – LOL! And that would be about 20 years old. I am sure I have UFOs from every year thereafter too! I actually do finish quilts though. o:) Love this one!

  6. katieQ

    I love the thin flange running down the quilt. I don’t remember reading about how you did it. If you get a chance will you share the technique please?

  7. Sheila

    I have one from 2008, but I will be getting it back from the LAQ today. It’s one I never thought would get completed.

  8. Quilter Kathy

    This is a gorgeous UFO!
    I am basting one of my oldest UFO’s to hand quilt.
    It’s the decisions about borders and quilting that usually cause my projects to “wait” so long!

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