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The quilting is finished on the small 16 patch top. It didn’t take long yesterday once I got started and now it’s trimmed and ready for binding. It’s a simple top with simple quilting but I love the fabrics (fat quarters from Connecting Threads) and it’s simplicity. Originally I’d intended this one as a donation quilt but I’m finding that I need some smaller quilts around the house here and at Big Canoe for the children when they visit so I’ll keep this one. It will be bound when I get home in a few weeks.  

I’m also gathering up my knitting projects for the next few weeks – I’ll continue on the two shawls both of which are more than half done, and I’ll work on some hats – the first one was started last night.  


Interesting …

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I don’t sell my quilts, luckily I’m in a position that I can make them and donate to a number of worthy causes but I know that for some, being able to sell their quilts allows them to at a minimum, support their quilting habit if not actually contribute to their household income. 

Keith was telling me the other day he read that Amazon was getting into the business of selling handmade items – competing with and today I got a notice in my email advertising that part of their business. In some ways I’m shocked at what price some people list some of their very simple items (I wouldn’t pay them) but maybe people who aren’t able to make them are willing to pay. Who knows. At any rate, I thought I’d share the Amazon link here in case any of you were interested in investigating it for yourself. I find it very cool that there are options for people wanting to make and sell their craft items these days other than attending local craft shows. 

Amazon handmade

Out of curiosity, do any of you sell online?

Wrapping up

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I’m getting ready to hit the road for 3 and a half weeks so today and tomorrow I’m trying to wrap up what I can and get packed. Keith will be back and forth so at least I don’t have to worry about leaving the house empty.

First up today was finishing all the blocks for the RWB Brick quilt – it will be waiting here on my design wall for me to assemble when I get back.  The quilt would look great with a border or two but I love quilts without  borders and the antique quilt that was my inspiration didn’t have a border either. I’ll just bind this one in a darker blue. 

 So much for this quilt being the leftover quilt – I still have a bin full of the RWB fabrics used so I’ll have to come up with a few more ideas but for now, this bin is going to be tucked away.  

 I’ve got all my supplies I’ll need in GA set aside and we’ll pack the car later today while Keith is here to help. The only thing I didn’t get done this time while I was home was finishing the hand quilting on the little 16 patch top but if I don’t knit at all today or tomorrow  I just might be able to get it done. 

Still playing with Bricks

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I had a lot of questions about the size of the brick I’m using for the red/white/blue quilt and the quick answer is 2.5 x 4.5 inches although mostly I’m using 2.5 inch leftover strips — I prefer to strip piece my quilts whenever possible — and I had a bunch of leftover strips from both the Chevron Rail Fence and my Framed 9 Patches.  

This quilt is so simple it’s almost silly to write up instructions but I did post some brief notes on the website.


One patch quilts

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I love one patch quilts and it just so happens that the leftovers from the Chevron Rail Fence top were perfect to recreate an antique quilt I found on eBay. It’s super simple and I’m flying through making the blocks. If it looks kind of sloppy up on the design wall it’s because I’m not pressing the last couple seams on each block until I have them placed where I want them.  



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The binding was hand sewn yesterday and this HeartStrings quilt of mine is finished. It was started a couple years ago during one of our projects but waited a while for quilting so it counts as a UFO finish for me. 

I’ll definitely hit my goal of finishing 12 UFO’s this year which isn’t all that lofty of a goal but since most of mine are tops waiting for quilting I don’t mind having some – I’m most comfortable with 20-22 of them which is where I managed to keep it for years but since the longarm moved to GA last year that number has crept up some. It does help that I’ve been quilting the smaller ones here in FL either on my regular sewing machine or hand quilting using the big stitch method.  



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HeartStrings is having a sew-in today in Roberts, WI and since I can’t be with them, I’m sewing along at home this weekend. Yesterday, I finished my Jelly Roll top and today I quilted a small HeartStrings top from a project we did last year using black and white prints with brights. It’s the first quilting I’ve done since the move so it took me 15 minutes to find my quilting gloves. 

Before I got started, I cut the thumb and index fingers out of my gloves. I’d seen that tip online somewhere and it was wonderful not having to take the gloves on and off but I still had good control of my quilt. Of course, I tend to cup my hands, using the palms and outside fingers for control so if you only use your fingertips it might not work as well for you. 


This was quilted in straight lines with my walking foot and rather than quilting in the ditch, I line the edge of the foot with the seam and quilt alongside it. I’ve quilted on each side of the horizontal and vertical seams between the blocks and then one line diagonally through each block. I don’t have much throat space and one of these days I’m going to look at a larger/faster machine for machine quilting here in FL but for now, my Elna is adequate for smaller tops and I love this older machine for piecing. 

All trimmed and ready for binding. Isn’t this backing cute?  I found it at Joann’s before I moved to Tampa – it was conveniently close to the apartment which was nice.  I’ve got another binding to do first and the plan is to get that one on later today so I can hand stitch it down while we watch football tomorrow. Both bindings will be done before I head to Big Canoe in a couple weeks. 


I don’t love it ….

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….but I don’t hate it either. This jelly roll was a challenge to work with and I changed my mind about pattern and layout several times but my top is done. I do like the combination of the 16 patches and framed 4 patches and may play with the design in other fabrics somewhere down the line. The addition of a background/alternate fabric in the 16 patch blocks would have made this less busy. 


Back to my space!

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I love sewing at Mom’s with her but her sewing room is set up to suit her not me so I’m always happy to get home and back to my space. One thing I always appreciate coming home to is my ceiling fan. Her room gets pretty hot (for me) when we’ve got the iron plugged in and are pressing but my room stays a lot more comfortable (for me) with the ceiling fan on. I also love that I have a view from my sewing table. 

Today I’m knitting on the Eyeblink shawl and making the rest of the blocks for the 16 and framed 4 patch quilt. There won’t be much to show for a few days but I’m working!