I thought I had these stripes figured out.  


How about a do over?! 

 I’m working on a HeartStrings challenge quilt. The three fabrics to the right are border choices. I’m thinking I have enough of the center strip to do a narrow inner border and the binding.  (I realize I have one of the blocks rotated the wrong way!)


Do you have a preference for which fabric would look best as the outer border?!

13 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Sara F

    I like the one on the left best because it picks up that deeper color in the blocks. But the light one would do the same for the lighter stripe. Very pretty colors.

  2. Linda H

    I like the one on the right … it seems to “pull” the fabric that is in the block to your eye. They ALL would work but the spotty fabric is the one I like best.

  3. Ann

    So I’ll add my two cents worth and say I like the dots on the right best and my stripes play tricks on me all the time.

  4. Linda

    I like the idea of the purple narrow inner border and would choose the left hand turquoise/sea green fabric for the outer border. I think those two colours side by side would give the quilt real impact.

  5. Shirley

    I agree with Linda H; narrow purple border and the turquoise/green fabric for the outer border. The dot print fabric would give it a softer look. Just depends on which look you prefer.

  6. Wendi

    I vote for the far left also…..and maybe the stripe for the binding. Nice colors for this string….your corrected centers are great!

  7. Bonnie in Va

    I love how this quilt is coming along. I’m all for the darker teal on the left. But I’de audition the inner and outer border after the blocks are put together. These colors sing to me.

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