I was wrong

The lights make the porch even more inviting so I was wrong about it being too early to put them up. We sat out and read all evening after a dinner of leftovers.  


11 thoughts on “I was wrong

  1. Penny G

    I love when we have to admit we were wrong. Giving a pre-marriage counseling talk on communication one of our most controversial lines is “when you are wrong, admit it.” We have even had people say its over so don’t bring it up again is better. No the best thing is to admit you are wrong, have a laugh and in your case a wonderful conversation by the soft light of a hundred Christmas lights. You always amaze me with the little things.

  2. Linda in NE

    Christmas lights, shorts and bare feet…not a combination you’ll see in Nebraska this time of year. hehe We’re supposed to be seeing a snowstorm from Sun. night through Tues. morning. Maybe I’ll get a snow day??? They don’t pay me for snow days, but I could sew, quilt, put up Christmas decorations, read…whatever I wanted.

  3. Gail

    Lucky you! We use to live in Phoenix and did similar. Miss it. Live in northern Nevada now and really having a hard time getting use to the cold.

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