Too early!

I’m one of those people who think the decorations should go up the week before Christmas – Keith’s Mom always put up her tree the day after Thanksgiving so Keith’s out here putting lights up today.  

 Note that he’s in his shorts and we’re listening to Xmas carols!

Since he wants a real tree this year and we’re traveling the beginning of December, at least the tree won’t go up until the week before Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Too early!

  1. Sherrill

    We always did our decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was always a lot of work getting everything done so figured we might as well enjoy them for awhile. But the day AFTER Christmas, I was ready for everything to go!! I don’t decorate anymore since my DH’s passing (just not the same).

  2. Penny G

    Kind of compromise through necessity, but it seems to work out for both of you. I watched my daughter and granddaughters decorate their tree today.

  3. Ann

    I agree with you, Molly. Our tree usually goes up about a week before Christmas and then we enjoy it until New Years day or the day after.

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