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Wishing you a Happy New Year

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Keith and I are excited about 2016 and getting more settled here in Tampa. We’re looking forward to travel and spending time with family but also having more time at home with each other. 

Today we took another walk – 5.5 miles along the bay. We’re so lucky to be living in such a beautiful setting. I miss the snow and winters of MN on one hand but on the other, I’m so happy to be sitting out here on the porch on December 31. I guess I just love both!

We wish you all a wonderful 2016!


Setting goals

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I blog fairly often about setting goals and how it helps me accomplish what I want to. I don’t get overly upset if I don’t meet all the goals but do try to accomplish as many as I can. In late August, I decided what I wanted to finish by the end of the year, wrote it all down and started working on the list. I didn’t finish everything but I added some additional items and was happy with my progress. And yes, I love my lists 🙂

Bind Basket Quilt

Cut Projects for Mom in Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov

  • pink hearts
  • sashing for her baskets
  • Butterfly quilt
  • Owl and pinwheel quilt
  • 30’s pinwheels and rails
  • 30’s 9 Patch
  • Flannel
  • Blue batik
  • Sunbonnet sue

Knit scarf for Samantha

Crochet large bunny

Finish HS blocks and assemble top

Finish knitting Magnolia Glen Scarf

Tied 18 Quilts in Maine

Bind zoo animal strippie

Bind my Sharon challenge HS

Bind String Rails

Embroider face on large crochet bunny

Finishing of 12 knit/crochet items (blocking, weaving ends, etc) – only 10 completed

  • Pink shell afghan
  • Drop stitch scarf
  • Magnolia Glen scarf
  • Purple crochet afghan
  • Brickless
  • Cameo
  • Falling Birch Leaves
  • Be Simple scarf in green/purple
  • Be Simple scarf in teal
  • Blue gray scarf

Make Jelly Roll Strippie top

Bind my B/W and Blue HS

Quilt my small B/W and bright HS

Bind my small B/W and bright HS

Piece top for Jelly Roll Challenge

Knit two hats for Rae

  • Purl ridge hat
  • Pink and green beret

Quilt 3 tops for Mom (in Oct)

  • Mom’s panel quilt
  • Mom’s tumblers
  • Mom’s baskets

Quilt 3 other tops (in Oct)

  • My purple HS
  • pUrple HS assembled by Sue
  • Black/White/Green rail fence

Bind quilts done in Oct

  • My purple HS
  • Purple HS assembled by Sue
  • Black/white/green rail fence
  • Mom’s baskets bound for her

Finish small crochet bunny

 Crochet sheep

Finish hand quilting small 16 patch

Bind small 16 Patch

Quilt Pink and Purple HST top – Hand quilting in progress

Bind Pink and Purple HST quilt

Piece RWB rectangle top

Piece another Sharon Quilt (HS)

Started Eyeblink Scarf

Knit Be Simple scarf in teal

Knit Yowza scarf for Mom

Knit hurricane hat for mom

Started and finished Oh HELEN scarf

Assembled Drunkard’s Path top (UFO)

Knit hat with brim for Mom

Piece bird Strippie

Piece woven quilt top – blocks in progress, not completed

My 2015 Summary

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Quilted or Tied = 41
Group HeartStrings = 21

My donation quilts = 10

Tops quilted for family = 6

My quilts gifted or kept = 4

Stash used – Not tracked in 2015

UFO’s completed = 12

New quilts started * = 16

# completed = 2

# finished tops = 13

# in process = 1

*(3 are doll quilts)

Quilts/afghans donated=41

14 were made by me the remainder were HeartStrings quilts I quilted or tied. 

UFOs to carry into 2016 = 36

14 started in 2015

22 started before 2015

(30 are finished tops)

Mom’s tops carried into 2016 = 5

Knitting/Crochet items completed = 22

12 scarves/shawls

4 afghans

4 hats

2 crochet animals

# knitted/crochet UFO’s completed = 6

#knitted/crochet UFO’s carried into 2016 = 10

Family vacations

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Keith is so good at finding places for us to vacation – we’re in the midst of planning a trip over Mother’s Day weekend to Hatteras, NC. We’re hoping that Mom and my brother and two of my sister’s and Chris, Becky, and Rae will join us … Nothing like planning ahead 🙂

Can you pick me out? This was taken on a family vacation in the Outer Banks. 


Just in case you were wondering, Keith’s colonoscopy went better than my root canal but we’re both done now and looking forward to the holiday weekend. 


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I didn’t get much time in the sewing room today but it feels good to be back in there every day if only for an hour or two. Keith had his procedure today and I’d share a photo of him in his hospital gown but every now and then when I snap a photo he tells me it better not show up on the blog so I won’t. 

Becky helped me pick some accessories for the house while she was here, pictures, frames, things for the shelves, and we’re still looking for a few items. I’d like to find a piece of an antique quilt and frame it something like the two below but I haven’t found exactly what I want yet. I’ve been searching eBay for cutter quilts, vintage quilt tops or even blocks. I can always quilt it myself if I find the right piece.

I also found some barn quilts to order. They’re 12 inches and I think I’m going to order 4 of them. We may only use two or three but I can use the leftover one or two in another room or take it to Big Canoe to hang in my studio. 

Keith and Becky don’t agree where they should go yet but she’s coming back with Chris in Feb – he’s doing an 8k run here in Tampa – and we can decide then where to hang them. We also decided we’d sign up and walk the 8k. I need to get back to my walking! We had a beautiful  5.5 mile walk along the bay on Sunday.  


Would you rather have…

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Which would you rather have – a colonoscopy or a root canal? I have a root canal scheduled on Wednesday  and Keith has a routine screening colonoscopy tomorrow. Happy hour on the porch tonight  involved him drinking his prep while I had a glass of red wine.  Surprisingly he’s still smiling 🙂

Work for me today included more woven blocks and separating strings for our HeartStrings Rainbow Challenge. By rainbow I mean that each block is made from strings of one color. I might also do some blocks with half one color and half another. We’ll see where it goes as our project will last through July.  I’ve got plenty more strings – this was just one bin. 

We also pulled all the ornaments off the tree and packed up the Christmas stuff. Keith will put the tree out tomorrow and then carry everything else upstairs to put in a storage area off the main closet in our bedroom. For a townhouse, we have a lot of storage here. 

A new start

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Stephanie from HeartStrings posted a link to a Moda Bake Shop project called Simply Woven that she was going to start. Since it was one on my to do list anyway, I thought I’d join her and do a small version. My quilt will have 20 blocks, set 4×5, and measure 48×60. I made a start on it today – I think the hardest part will be deciding how to rotate the blocks. One of my strips doesn’t seem to have much contrast with my gray background but it’s not as blendy in person as it appears in the photograph. Since I’m cutting for just a few blocks at a time, my blocks will also need to be placed further apart so those greens or purples won’t  be so close to each other in the finished quilt. 


Quick Strippie

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I’ve straightened up a little, hand quilted a little, and set my sewing room back up. I’ve found that the best way for me to get back in my groove after a long period away ( I haven’t sewn since I left for VA on the 7th of December) is a quick easy project and what’s better than a Quick Strippie?!

Last year before our move to FL in June, I kitted up a bunch of Quick Strippies – three one yard pieces that coordinate. Today, I’ll work with these fabrics. Won’t they make a very modern looking child’s quilt?


Merry Christmas

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I hope your day was as lovely as mine. 

We were up early to watch Rae open presents.  

Becky cooked brunch for us … Scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast then the kids and Keith took Rae to the park and I had an hour or so to crochet. I thought I’d finish my afghan while they were gone but I ran out of yarn with just inches to go.  I’m sure Mom has some leftover pink from her baby afghans that she can give me to finish this one up. 

I cooked Christmas dinner and in spite of a timing challenge or two it must have been good because every one had seconds. 

After Rae went to bed we returned to our game of Uno began earlier in the day.  

We’ve enjoyed our week with the kids and they’re leaving early in the morning to go home. Rae must have enjoyed herself because when she saw Becky packing up and found out they’re going home tomorrow she came to me and asked if she could stay at Gram and Pop’s house.