A new start

Stephanie from HeartStrings posted a link to a Moda Bake Shop project called Simply Woven that she was going to start. Since it was one on my to do list anyway, I thought I’d join her and do a small version. My quilt will have 20 blocks, set 4×5, and measure 48×60. I made a start on it today – I think the hardest part will be deciding how to rotate the blocks. One of my strips doesn’t seem to have much contrast with my gray background but it’s not as blendy in person as it appears in the photograph. Since I’m cutting for just a few blocks at a time, my blocks will also need to be placed further apart so those greens or purples won’t  be so close to each other in the finished quilt. 


5 thoughts on “A new start

  1. Nancy

    Love this pattern! I made it a couple years ago as a shower curtain, using a batiks jelly roll. Turned out very well! Have fun with it! Nancy

  2. Florence

    That’s a great looking quilt — one I’ve never seen before. Thanks, Mary — I’m going to put it on a flashdrive for the future.

  3. Jackie Kelly

    Thanks for the post on the Woven Quilt. Love it and started it last night. Because each block is different, it’s very addicting. I make my quilts for two guilds community service groups and the Linus Project.

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