Would you rather have…

Which would you rather have – a colonoscopy or a root canal? I have a root canal scheduled on Wednesday  and Keith has a routine screening colonoscopy tomorrow. Happy hour on the porch tonight  involved him drinking his prep while I had a glass of red wine.  Surprisingly he’s still smiling 🙂

Work for me today included more woven blocks and separating strings for our HeartStrings Rainbow Challenge. By rainbow I mean that each block is made from strings of one color. I might also do some blocks with half one color and half another. We’ll see where it goes as our project will last through July.  I’ve got plenty more strings – this was just one bin. 

We also pulled all the ornaments off the tree and packed up the Christmas stuff. Keith will put the tree out tomorrow and then carry everything else upstairs to put in a storage area off the main closet in our bedroom. For a townhouse, we have a lot of storage here. 

12 thoughts on “Would you rather have…

  1. Penny G

    Having had both procedures, i would rather the root canal – even the redo I had with an underlying infection – read that as 20 minutes of drilling with ineffective deadening. I have great difficulty with the prep for colonoscopies. My husband has very little trouble with the prep, so I guess it depends on how each of the procedures works for you. Good luck to both you and Keith.

  2. Sara F

    I’ve had both and would do the colonoscopy before the root canal. But then again, I have an unhealthy fear of dentists.

    Love the idea of doing the string blocks with just 1 or 2 colors per blocks. This will be interesting to see as it comes together.

  3. Megan

    I’m voting root canal! I’ve had lots of those, and I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. Injections kill the pain and happy gas makes the time pass fairly smoothly. I’ve not had a colonoscopy and I’m not looking forward to having one.

    I wish Keith all the best with his and excellent test results.

  4. Laura

    Both necessary evils. Once you make it through the prep, the colonoscopy can be a breeze. I did rainbow strings making half the block neutrals and half colors. Then I arranged it like log cabin blocks with a center diamond. It was great fun.

  5. Nancy

    Hmm, tough question, but I’m going with colonoscopy. While the prep is quite unpleasant, the test itself is a breeze. The root canal involves less prep but the procedure can be tedious and uncomfortable. All unpleasantness aside, aren’t we fortunate to have access to these procedures.

  6. Sherrill

    I think I’d rather the colonoscopy. Never had a root canal but have known quite a few folks that had lingering problems after the root canal. Haven’t dealt with any after a colonoscopy (tho I DO hate that prep!!!)

  7. Evelyn/Starfishy

    I had a root canal…and the dentist never even told me she was doing it until she showed me the little root in her tweezers! So I never even had to stress about it! We traditionally take our tree down on New Year’s Eve. We put it up 3rd Sunday of Advent. Cheers! Evelyn/Starfishy

  8. Debra

    Keith to me looks like the kind of guy who is generally happy and smiling. Sorry about the root canal. Never had a colonoscopy but I hear they are not as bad as it sounds.

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